Swinging and the Single Guy  

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4/5/2005 12:57 pm

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Swinging and the Single Guy

OK, OK...I've had just about enough of other single guys whining to me. "it's impossible to be single and swing!" I hear that old, tired mantra again and again and again. It's getting old, guys, and it's not true. I have made many couple play friends, and every single time, it because I follow some basic damn rules. So, if you are finding it hard to get into parties or group functions because you are the dreaded "single guy"...listen up. Here are some tips for getting your foot (and possibly more) in the door...

First off, if you happen to have single lady friends who are into the lifestyle, offer to take them with you as a couple. This works on two levels. One, your single gal-pals will like having someone who has their interestes at heart, and know they have a safe place to run to if someone is bothering them. Two, it let's couples know that you can be trusted more than the single "creepy guy" who shows up alone.

Second, treat any potential lady who is part of a couple as part of a couple, not just another single gal. Look guys, the male half may be OK with their partner playing with other men solo, but that doesn't mean you need to ignore them. You have to convince you are not a stalker/psycho/lunatic who is gonna chop his wife into kibble the minute the door is closed on the motel room. They are in the lifestyle as a couple. Treat them as such and you'll make a lot of headway.

Third, respect everyone's boundries. (Yes, even the other guys!) This does real well for getting people on your good side. Remember the Prime Directive of Swinging - No Means No! Don't pressure, don't think that if you get her drunk, she's gonna be ok with it. Listen to what they both have to say on the subject. Again, they are playing as a couple...treat them that way.

Lastly, be courteous and respectful. Tell them both "Thank You" after meeting, playing, etc. Let them both know what a wonderful time you had, and that you appreciate them both. It was both of their decisions to let her play with you...you need to recognize that and be gracious accordingly.

That's it...the simple rules for the single guy surviving and thriving in the swinging world. And believe me...when used as I have stated above. it works.

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