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2/11/2006 12:45 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Well a very serious topic..
as i told earlier that i dont have a valentine so i can think abt the various things which people having VALENTINEs dont have to think abt.

SEX::Well to say the truth i like SEX (though i have never had one)
Specifically i like the opposite sex.i like them very much.
I find myself ogling at be truthful not girls as a whole..

sometimes i look at their face,
The boobs get the maximum O (ogle)-time..
Then comes the butts and the legs..

though to confess nowadays i am giving more O-time to the butts..

So its very difficult to ogle atgirls as a whole..they have got so many nooks and cranies to look at and enjoy..

Today we went to the restaurant to eat.we had to wait for some front of me was a beautiful looking lady wearing a green sleeeveless top..she was damn beautiful..and sexy too..
the straps of the braisseire were coming out rom within the top..and wow it was avery tough job for me not to look at her..

so u tough it is for the boys to concentrate..i couldnt even concentrate on my dinner because tht lady was sitting in thenext table..and i had to have my soup starters and the main course facing sideways..a very difficult job..still now i dont know wht i had for dinner..
but i can tell you the number of times th strap of the bra was seen and wht tht lady had for dinner..

girls try to understand our plight..(not begging but sharing knowledge..

luv u all specially all the cute and beautiful girls...

take care

mariner_kolkata 33M
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3/6/2006 9:13 pm

life is not even so bad in kolkata. ya ,i know it is kind of weird with those sentimental girls, but there are enough girls who are ready to put up a show anywhere. just go to inox and u can have of lot of bra straps, boobs, sensous legs.
and for a change, concentrate on the dinner..................,it is not even so bad.

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