I knew it............  

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11/19/2005 10:01 pm

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I knew it............

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!
After I posted the dog blog I knew at least one person was gonna chew my ass. When I lived out on the range, literaly cowshit within three feet of the back door, Sia stayed outdoors daily. If the temp got below 20F I would leave her inside. Now at first I can understand how this may sound harsh. However when outdoors Sia grows a very dense, underfur, for lack of a better definition. She is quiet comfortable in the cold. That does not make up for the "isolation" she has in the cab. I never left her alone more than four hours yesterday or last night. This morning when I took her for her morning constituional we managed to leave her greating within 20 feet of the rear service enrty. Which I later went back and bagged cause it just "wasn't right.
My PITA thing was a dig. I know they're an extremeist, eliteist group. Babe thanx for describing them in depth. Bunnzy, I have a friend, Paula, that is alergic to dogs. I keep my interior vacumned and dusted plus it's leather. We started to lunch one day and in less that 3 blocks she was having an attack. Therefore in good conscience I could not bring Sia up to the room. If I had I would have brought her blankey up put it in the bathroom and made her stay there. I'm sure she was more comfortable in the truck. I also had my 2-way Motorola radios on. The one in the cab was set to voice activate, somewhat like a baby monitor. It would transmit when a car drove by.
As you can see by the photo she is somewhat traumatized this evening but with the help of Milk Bone therapy recovering well.

Thank you all for your suggestions and advice..

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