Chip that child  

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9/17/2005 11:07 am

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Chip that child

This morning I'm reading the newspaper and having a Saturday breakfast. There's an article in regards to all the displaced children from hurricane Katrina. I beg this question, why don't we chip our children? The ID microchip used to identify aniamals, would make it so much easier to identify lost and displaced children. Implant it in the top of the hand or some other "standard location". Fool proof? Hell no! But it would be better than nothing. The chip can be removed anytime, one of the problems granted.
Animal caretakers do this for a number of reasons. One of those is concern for the animals well being. Why wouldn't we parents do the same for our offspring?
In closing, do you have an ICE in you cell phone contact section? ICE, In Case of Emergency. EMTs are beginning to look for it. It's the number of the person you want contacted in case of an emergency. I have two, ICE and ICE2. It can make rescue workers job a little easier.

tillerbabe 56F

9/18/2005 2:46 am


It's in the workings. Its being done, I agree , its a great idea. As far as the concern with "big brother" - they already "know" what kind of TP your using to wipe your butt - already "way" into our minds with following us in cyber space - way ahead of the game. The benefits of having a "chipped child" far outweigh the consequences. ACLU would be fine if it was by choice as it is for dogs.....

I can't wait for the "bar scan on my forhead for use at the bank like the commercial!....." (giggle)

No worries. It's a great idea Kok!
(Oh, and thanks for mentioning the ICE contact - it will be very helpful not just to EMT's, but hospital ER workers and firefighters.)

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