Disinformation versus misinformation...  

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12/23/2005 1:15 pm

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Disinformation versus misinformation...

ok ok I'm not 94, I'm 51. And no I don't live in Barrow Alaska I live in central Washington. But I do want to spend 24 hours in Barrow sometime in my life. It is the northern most US city/town/village. Since I've lived in Key West briefly which is the southernmost town I'd like to visit the northern most.

I'd enjoy the steady companionship of a woman but I don't need it. Is that hard to understand? Does that make you think I'm a selfcentered prick? I'm sorry if it does because I'm not.
I am here today because I have some great friends in AdultFriendFinder bloggville and I love them dearly. They are funny, insightful, positive, intelligent, supportive, compasionate human beings. They're wonderful human beings because they let their soul control their lives, not their minds. They aren't perfect and they would be the first to admit it.

I'm alone this Christmas, but I'm not lonely. I would have enjoyed spending some time with my daughter but she has a new job and will have to work. That's a darn nice Christmas present for daddy. It's wonderful to see my baby motivating herself and getting on with her life..

barbiebunny69's mother is in the hospital today please keep them both in your thoughts.

Happy Holidays.

kokopelli_123 51M

12/27/2005 8:27 am

Hmmmmm Light N Truth visted! The is very very suspicious. I suspect this being is of high intelligence. Therefore I don't not believe it was a normal"check his blog out" observation.What an intersting cat and mouse game. I came back into AdultFriendFinder bogville for a couple of reasons, one of them was to investigate Light N Truth. At this moment I'm I'm luaghing at the thought of who is playing who.

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