koiyami 38F
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7/13/2006 11:20 pm

Recently had someone tell me that i should consider looking into meeting more 'hook-ups' to expand my love life.

i.e. booty calls for education. >>!

But they suggested someone to me that in truth, made me blink and ask 'Have you been drinking the blue water again?'

Seriously, why is it that people want to suggest others that either you yourself wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole or vice versa. Sure you could sit and chat with that person but anything more, well, one or more of the party just won't be feeling it if you know what i mean.

Yes i know i place my 'i's' in lower case thank you, it is just how i am.

But back to the ramble. Have you ever had someone indicate to you that they know a guy/girl/couple/trans who would be just Perfect for a one nighter or casual lover and you balked?

Or am i just a fussy gal?

Also, who else enjoys a seriously, seriously good mental romp in addtion to the physical one?

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