Snorkeling naked is so fun!  

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6/19/2006 10:30 am
Snorkeling naked is so fun!

Don't get me wrong.. I really love having sexual fun with the ladies... but sometimes, it just feels really good to take matters into my own hands.

To me, there's nothing better than having sex in the great outdoors, in the sun, on the beach, at a park, in the woods. And if there's no lady around to share the fun, that wont stop me from going solo.

That reminds me of one vacation that I took to a desert island in the Caribbean. This place was arid, pretty secluded, not many folks go there
except to scuba dive. My sweatie and I rented a private home that was right on the water. We'd spend the morning scuba diving together,
then often in the afternoons she'd lay on the beach sunning and reading, while
I went snorkling and exploring.

Normally, I dont wear speedos, not many American guys do, except I do wear then on diving trips as they feel more comfortable under a wetsuit. No excess material to bunch up. So off one afternoon I went snorkling, in the speedos, mask, fins, snorkel. Thats all.

I'd swim a few hundred yards away from our home, along some rocky cliffs, in an area that had no homes along the cliff. Just an occasional car
passes along the road at the top of the cliff, and occasional jogger on a trail, but quite a distance away.

After a while, the speedos felt the strain of my dick trying to escape. The cock straining
to get free of the tight material. When that happens, you got to just let it out and free the monster. Take a look at the pic, you'llsee what I mean.

So when I felt secure and alone, off came the swimsuit. I actually had to take the fins off, pull the suit off, then put the fins
back on, all in the water. Not too hard of a task. Damn there's nothing like the feeling of swimming in 85 degree water naked. I wish I could talk my gal into doing it, but she's a prude.

Anyways, I'd swim for a half hour or so, holding my suit in my hand, until finally getting chilled, then make my way to the shore. There I'd carefully exit the water walking over the coral, to the base of the cliffs. There I was, nude, on an island that frowns on
public nudity, I found a litle alcove along the base ofthe cliff, and a large flat rock
whin I layed my fins on the rock and sat on the fin blades so as to not scuff my tender rear. Once tucked away in my little alcove, I was out of sight from most folks. Perhaps a passing boat might see me, or someone walking along the rocky shorline, or trail abvoe, but I did not see anyone for miles.

I was alone with nature, in the hot sun. It was great to soak up the sun, and recharge.
And of course my dick began to swell more. We'll after a few moments, I had to leave my mark on that island. I pride my self in trying to get off in as many places as I can. So, I'd spit into my palm, and begin stroaking the shaft in the hot caribbean sun, overlooking the waters, hoping that some gal might be spying me. But that dont happen.

There's quite nothing like the feel and sight of a hot, wet, sweaty dripping, cock in the sunshine. Too bad there was not a mouth or pussy around to feed it into...

Then there's nothing quite like watching your cum spurt, as it hits the rocks and then the water.... its a strange sight. Normally the results of your orgasm are destined for a partner, or in the privacy of your home.
But outside its different.... For a momement you realize that the center of the universe is your orgasm.

After that refreshing break, back into the water I'd climb, to finish my swim, and after being gone for about two hours I make it back to the beach cottage. My sweatie asks if I'd had a good swim, and of course I reply "it was great, relaxing."

Next trip, I hope to scuba nude. I'd like to try that.... and someday I'd like to try fucking while scubadiving. I suppose I should take some lube along for that...

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