My first web date meeting.  

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6/20/2006 11:21 am
My first web date meeting.

I'll never forget the first time (of only a few) that I met a gal from an online site, such as this one. It was a couple of years ago, it wasnt this site, but a similiar singles site.

Anyways I answered her add: she was looking for a cock to suck. No games.

After a few emails back n forth, we decided to meet one day at a local boutique coffee shop. I was there early in a corner chair, and waited. In she finally comes. I recogonized her from the photo. A really petite gal, like 5' tall, really small body, size A's, tight little ass. Mid 30's age. It was my impression that this gal was a cock worshiper. My kind of gal.

We got a latte, and sat and chatted for like 45 minutes. Small talk at first, we were both nervous.

Then I upped the ante and asked her if she had any interest in me. She said she was very interested with a smile. She confided how she just loved sucking dick. I told her how I just loved getting off in my car and thought that was cool, and how I got off on the risk of it all and such. She was excited too, and finally I asked what she wanted to do, and she said she wanted to go to my car and to "check me out closer". Never to pass up a dick sucking I agreed...

It just so happens I had the foresight to park in a secluded multi story parking garage nearby, which did not have any cameras, and there were a few secluded stalls.

We walked to my SUV, got it, and sat for a second both of us giggling like scholl kids on a date. I took her hand, put it into my lap onto my raging boner. There's nothing like the look of that smile on the face of a hot gal when shes rubbing the wood thru the material of my pants.

She says "I've gotta see this closer" and unzips my pants. I had not put on any underware in anticipation of this encounter, and out pops my hard cock. She immediatelly gobbles down
my cock, and proceed to give me one very, very fine, and nasy hot BJ.

This gal was indeed a cock worshiper and loved giving head. So,... we were there for about a half hour, me with my finger in her pants
rubbing her clit, while she was sucking and deep throating me. I kept an eye out for the occasional car and pedestrian. We were giggling.

I could tell she was getting a bit tired and I asked if whe wanted me to cum? SHe was a bit pissed, in that I was holding back and she was sure I would have cum by then, and then I told her I would. Three minutes later, her mouth was full of my warm goo. The little cum slut swallowed it all down then licked her lips. Mmmm!

We'll that was fun. And we decided to hook up again another time when she needed some more dick. I think we met about 2 times after, one time she was giving me great road head as we drove down an busy street at full noon. The last time we parked in a park, and she mounted me and I fucked her in the drivers seat, her back to the steering wheel. She wanted to fuck me as we drove... but I said no way.. too dangerous.
We lost touch after that.
Perhaps some other time.... if the right lady comes around...

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