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1/14/2006 3:00 am

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why oh why

Ladies and Gents, do you feel that your partner or potential partner should be well informed about your desires and certain aspects about you?

My answer: Some people use the term No Strings Attached (NSA). Can there really be a NSA situation?

I mean if you think about it, most sexual contact is derived from some sort of emotion usually a feeling of lust. Since most of the time the initial contact is based on the person’s looks. Many women would agree with me, that it happens here on AdultFriendFinder more so than any other dating site. (Hint most men are standard members and can only see your thumb nail photo or sent a wink and can not read your profile.)

Ultimately profiles with photos get more attention that is a proven fact with online dating. So yes especial here most people are lust driven when the initial contact is made. Beyond that initial contact can you truly just contact a person, meet and have sex, then never see them again?

I have had one night stands and yes that is a form of NSA, but I do believe it is slightly different than what some people defines as NSA. A one night stand start off with the emotional feeling of lust (you see a sexy man or woman and you want) here is where I see the difference between a one night stand and what I think most people define NSA as:

ONS yes the initial contact is lust driven then turns to a chemical (we click) through conversation live one on one, face to face or phone conversation.

You can see and/or hear the persons reactions to what you are saying and vise versa. Get a vibe from that person which may enhance the emotion of lust more because of a mental stimulation. Maybe depending on how well you click, it just might lead to more.

NSA as I think some people define it: Hi how are you doing my name is XYZ lets fuck. Thank you for the hot sex bye. Does the really happen? I highly doubt it. I could be wrong and I am sure it has happened. Are you truly sexual satisfied at the end of it all? If you answer yes to that I would say you are lying to yourself.

I think true sexual satisfaction needs three important elements.
Compatibility = similar likes you have to know the person like or desires the same sexual aspect as you do.
Comfortably = relaxed enough with the person to actual enjoy the moment
Communication = you have to talk in order to find out what he or she wants or need to be satisfied.

Keep in mind this is what i think is needed, so yeah yeah love and all that stuff take place but how can you have anything without those three elements?

So essential can you really meet someone without knowing any personal information about them and act only on your emotions of lust, have your fun and move on without any conversation or small talk? Or do you honestly feel your potential partner should know enough about you, through conversation and/or small talk to make a wise decision?

Yes some if not all of my previous blogs say NSA. Let me clear the air and explain what I mean by NSA. As I see it to me: I am not looking for all the "drama" "hang up" or "defining lines" that comes with a "relationship".

Pretty much I am looking for someone I can be comfotable with, have a good conversation with and I am compatible with,all on a regular basis. When I want my time alone I don't want to be bugged with "honey do's".

I don't need you to ask me where I been, where I am going. If you can understand where I am coming from then you know what I mean by NSA.

And yet another morning of my Blah Blah. For those who read my crap as some would put it, thanks for reading but keep your Negativity to yourself. To the rest good luck.

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