What Lady Could Picture This Happening To Them  

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12/26/2005 4:25 am

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What Lady Could Picture This Happening To Them

That would be nice. I could just picture it, you coming over here as soon as you got off of work, you pulling up your dress or skirt; or sliding your pants down. Me getting on my knees. you guiding my nose to panty covered pussy tickling my nose with the scent of your sweet horny pussy. I hand you my collar and leash as you firmly hold my head in place with your thighs, collaring me like a stray puppy.

With a firm voice "down boy" you command. you towering over me removing your garments only to leave but your panties on, with a tug on the leash I trail behind you as you lead to the couch, coffee table or bed, you open your legs and snuggle my face on to your panty covered pussy, rubbing my nose in it training me to your scent at the same time I feel your already firm swallowed lips become harder.

you want your little puppy to lick your pussy and to lick it good. you stand for me to remove the protective cover of your panties, as I remove them your juices dripping your panties stained from the horny state you been in all day just thinking about your pet's tongue.

Some of your sweet juice drips on to your thigh you grab my head and say "don't waste it licking" you push my down to the floor on my back straddle my face and slowly guide your dripping pussy on to my mouth "open wide" your say, spread my pussy lips around your mouth place your lips firmly around my pussy hole, suck on it taste my sweet juices stick your tongue deep inside to make more, make cum in your mouth my pet you command, eat this pussy all night.

Could you picture that?


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