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I start today on a mission, to use you extremely hard myself, and later on start the long process of turning you totally out to a number of BIG DICK BLACK MEN that will borrow and use you on a regular basis, like a tool. I plan to get you up to as many as 15 per weekend. I plan to take you places secure you in the room, with a spreader bar, nipple clamps, and a blindfold, and start at noon, and I love the thought of giving them eleven minutes to get in you, dump their cum in your pussy, get dressed and leave. I know you have not consumed a number of black cocks, but you will soon love to serve black cock. You will be the center piece, and I do mean piece. Having a number of black men inside you on a weekly basis and you will be surrounded like you are the only white woman on a 16th century slave ship, and everyone will get their eleven minutes. Everyone will nut deep in your hot pussy, and as you assume your NATURAL Position, on your knees, white ass high in the air, bond and blind, offering your white pussy to any BLACK MAN with a big enough cock to fill and stretch it. When I take you out, I will introduce you to certain people as my sperm bank. I will tie you up weekly and use you, every other weekend, you will be WHORED OUT, only to bring you home on Sunday afternoon only to bind, and USE your asshole for the remainder of the day. Most of your days will be fairly vanilla, but when I come home, you MUST assume the position, and suck my cock, lick my ass until I cum. You will drink my cum like it’s sweet nectar of the gods. Then just a little before dinner, I cuff u to the bed, DIG YOUR ASSHOLE TOTALLY OUT, AND MAKE YOU SHOW ME HOW MUCH OF AN ASS TO MOUTH BITCH YOU ARE. When I wake up, you should be prepared to suck me before and after the shower. I NEED A HOT WHITE BITCH I CAN USE AND OWN. I JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOW YOU HAVE TIPPED THE ICE BERGH.

shortyfriendgirl 48F

5/3/2006 8:02 pm

whoa.......active imagination, dude!

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