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12/23/2005 8:01 am

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Someone e-mailed me

Someone e-mailed me asking if all I have to offer is my good looks. The answer is I don't really think I am all that. I consider myself to be an average looking guy. I am guessing the question was asked for one of two reasons. The person found my photo to be attractive and did like what I stated in my profile. Or the person just felt like they needed to find out more.

Does my profile accurately describe the type of person I am? I hardly think so, but then again who’s really does? We all are two sided coins, some of use three sided but that’s another can of worms.

Well to clear things up a bit. Like most if not all of us on here, our profiles are generated for a purpose, a goal, a reason some misleading others truthful or truthful to an extent. So yes my profile is geared towards the sexual side of my coin. I am not going to sugar coat it yes I am here in search of sex.

Not just plain sex though, I am looking for a partner in crime, someone open mined, experimental, understanding of a busy life, can go with the flow and enjoy what time we spend with each other. The type of sex that when we are done pleasuring each other there is nothing more to be done or said at that point. We just know we have been sexual satisfied and comfortable with each other.

Oops went off on a tangent there ok back the looks issue

Well like everyone, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself looks is important. My train of thought is and was if the photo is enough to get your attention then you will contact me to find out exactly what you want to know regardless of what is written in my profile.

Yes my profile may have comments statements that you may or may not like but honestly people are you going to take everyone profile literally? I highly dought it as most are written out fun, I have gathered.

Dating and meeting new people is getting hard and hard as time passes by. Is there any reason to make it more difficult by placing an ad(s) with information that you think the other person my find useful? So what’s in my profile is a combination of fantasy, fun and reality.

So that’s my Blah Blah for the Morning good luck to you all and Happy Holidays

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