The Office Snack  

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5/23/2006 7:18 am

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The Office Snack

I had a friend ask me to write something for her... She has fantasized about being "made" to have sex with lots of people, men and women. She has never had more than one partner at a time and has never let anyone restrain her... But it has been one of her fantasies... Not , but to let someone tie her up and invite other people to have sex with her any way they want and as much as they want.

You slowly wake, your senses starting to come alive. You feel a wetness between your legs. Fingers caressing your clit. You feel your wet pussy lips being spread wide my the head of my cock. You are laying on your side with me pressed up behind you. My cock slowly penetrating the warm folds of your wetness. I feel you shift your hips so that i have a better angle to slide my cock inside. I move my hands from your swollen clit up to your left nipple. I pinch it and stroke it. All the time moving the head of my cock in little thrusts just in the opening of your pussy. You start moving your hips down to try and get more of my cock. I work my cock deeper and deeper inside of you. I feel your cervix stretching to accept all of my love. As my cock touches your cervix I hear a low moan escape from your throat. I start making long gentle strokes, feeling your passion growing. I start thrusting harder and harder into you. The head of my cock pushing deep inside you. Your hips are moving to match my thrusts. I grab your hip to help hold you tight so that I can keep thrusting hard and deep. I feel your body tensing, your orgasm building. One last thrust sends you over the edge. Your pussy grabs my cock and holds firm and your body jerks and spasms in its pleasure. Finally as your orgasm starts to ease my balls release their package and my cum shoots deep inside of you.
I tell you to get up and get a shower, fix your hair and makeup. I remind you to make sure it looks nice and slutty... I like it that way... When you come out of the bathroom I have laid out on the bed for you a red leather corset, black garter belt, black stocking, and red stilettos with a 5" heal. I tell you to get dressed while I get a shower.
I get out of the shower and find you all dresses as I ordered. I help you since the corset up tight accentuating your hour glass figure. You stand before me and I inspect you making sure everything is in order. I dress and return to you. I place a collar around your neck and handcuff your wrists behind your back. I place something in your hands and tell you to hold it until i tell you to let go. I then hook a leash to your collar and lead you to the front door.
You are nervous but you follow... We are heading out into public. I lead you to a limo waiting in front of your house. The cool morning air flows ac crossed your bare nipples making them hard. Your breasts stand out for all to see with the corset helping them stand out. The cool air flowing ac crossed your bare ass and freshly waxed pussy also feels invigorating. You have no choice but to walk proudly to the limo. The limo drivers eyes pop as he sees me leading you to the door he holds open.
I enter the limo and you enter after. I have you kneel before me on the floor. As soon as the driver closes the door I unzip my pants and pull out my hard cock. I pull your mouth over and have you suck my cock as we ride. your bright red lipstick is leaving trails over my cock as your mouth moves up and down over the shaft. We pull up to our destination... you still don't know where we are since your face has been buried in my crotch. I un cuff your empty hand for a minute to let you fix your make up before we leave the car, then i re cuff it once i am satisfied of your appearance.
I exit the car and look at the horror on your face as you see where we are. We are parked right in front of your office. I lead you out onto the sidewalk. People are walking by with their hands covering their open mouths. You fight the panic that is building inside of you and get a new resolve... you are going to hold your head high and proud as you are lead open and exposed to the world.
I lead you into your office. you hear the gasps and murmuring as we walk in. Me in front and you tall and proud behind. A crowd starts to build following us through the office. You can feel everyone starring at your naked ass. I lead you into the break room and instructed you to sit on the closest table. I take the object you have been holding behind you back and bring it around. You see that it is a pole about three feet long with cuffs on either end. I place it between your ankles and attach the cuffs to you. I then remove one cuff from your wrist and bring it around front and attach the cuff to the pole. Then I pull another pair of cuffs from my pocket and cuff your remaining wrist to the pole.
Now I lay you back on the table. You are spread wide for the crowd at the door to see. Your knees are up beside your chest and your heals are aimed at the ceiling. Your head falls back and you realize your head is not on the table but able to hang straight down.
Once you are in position I turn to the crowd and announce loudly (just in case their was anyone that hadn't heard about your entrance). "We decided that this would be a much better treat for the office than donuts. After looking around at the blank expressions on everyones face I knew they needed a little demonstration. I unzipped my pants and let them fall to the floor. I pulled a bottle of lube out of my jacket pocket and greased my member up. I slowly started sliding my cock into your ass. I heard the gasp escape from your mouth as I started fucking your ass.
After a few minutes i looked around and saw an attractive woman with her hand on her breast caressing her nipple. I turned and grabbed her wrist and lead her to the other side of the table. I lifted her skirt and slid her wet panties off. I placed her trimmed little pussy over your mouth and instructed you to eat her pussy. Your tongue shot out and you tasted her juices and licked ands sucked her clit. I said "she isn't just for the guys, you girls can have some fun too." With that i went back to fucking your ass till my cum jetted deep inside your ass.
I went and cleaned myself up and when I returned you were being fucked my two guys, One in your throat and the other in your pussy. When one person was done another took their place. Men, women, young, old they all took their turn with you. Some fucking your mouth, others fucking your pussy, and still others fucking your ass. You had your tender pussies to eat, you had old grandma pussies on your tongue. No pussy was refused, no cock was turned down.
You had pussy juice and cum running down your face, you had both juiced mixed together running out of your pussy. Your ass was overflowing from all the cum pumped up you. You have been well used for the cum slut that you are. Even as covered with cum as you are and as sore as you are you cant believe you still want more. But unfortunately it is already five o'clock and time to head home.
I remove your cuffs and re cuff your wrists behind your back. I place the pole back in your hands. I grab the leash and lead you back to the front door. You can feel the dried cum on your face and the cum that is running down your legs. You hear the whispers as they all say "that was the best work incentive this company has ever offered us." You walk proudly but sore from your office and into the waiting limo.

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