The Little Lover  

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The Little Lover

I am going to start with my third girlfriend. We were 17, and full of hormones.
#3 was a small girl... we joked with her that she was so small she didn't count when we were voting what we were going to do for the night. She was 4'9" or 10" and 92lbs (we told her she had to be 95 lbs to count). She was around 32,22,32 but she had a set of full D's. It was wild for such a tiny girl to have such big tits... i loved em. She was pretty. She could have almost any guy she wanted... but she wasn't mouth dropping gorgeous.
We fooled around every chance we got. She was one of the few women I have met that could keep up with my libido. Any time I wanted she was excited to provide. She was the best cocksucker I have ever found. She would only use her mouth and never seemed to get tired of sucking. Man I miss that mouth... She also had one of the tightest pussies I have ever encountered.
She was so tight that there were times when I just couldn't get in. Also there were times when she would cum she would tighten around my cock and it would be like a vise. there was no moving or pulling out till she calmed down... and I mean WAY down.
One day we were playing around in my pool and we were feeling each other up and having allot of fun. Well we couldn't do much more because my parents were home. My parents had plans for the evening and would be gone for a few hours. so after they left we went inside onto the couch and started fooling around some more. We hadn't noticed exactly when my parents left, we just noticed they were gone when she went to the bathroom. we knew they would be gone for a couple of hours so we had plenty of time. We were on the couch and on the couch we had some very large pillows... they were like 3'x3'. I laid her back onto one of these pillows and removed her bikini bottoms (left her top on) and I proceeded to eat her pussy. Just as she was about to cum for my tongue we heard the front door rattle... now the couch we were on is directly in front of the door. She snapped up and grabbed the pillow and placed it on her lap so fast I think i got a burn on my cheek. I picked her bottoms up real fast and sat next to her. My dad walked in and sat in the recliner right next to us and turned on a movie. So here she sat with just her bikini top on and a pillow covering her pussy while my dad was in the room watching tv. She had to sit like that for over 2 hours before he got up and went to the bathroom... what a scramble as she put on her bottoms and ran to the other bathroom to go pee.
One day we were feeling frisky, so we were in my bedroom and after the normal blow job/pussy licking we were read to get busy. She tried and tried, we used several positions but there was just no way her little pussy was going to let my cock in. her last resort position is doggy, she liked it the least, but it was the best chance of it was going to happen. so after trying doggy position she looked over her shoulder at me and said "since my pussy wont let you in you can just put it in my ass. Just be gentle I have only done that once." So.... my first anal experience... I was sooooo nervous... It was great, but I couldn't concentrate on enjoying it cause I was thinking about what to do and how and all the other stuff. We did anal a few more times over the next couple of months... Usually when she was to tight to get in.
The second time we were going to have sex. We had been up all night (having sex) and we went over to a friends house and said we were tired so we went into one of the bedrooms while everyone else was in the living room. We jumped in bed, ripped our clothes off and started fooling around. Now everything is knew to us so there is allot of fooling around and petting and teasing... you know all the stuff new lovers do. Well we get that out of the way and she starts sucking my cock when we hear a knock on the door. we get under the covers and say "yes?" the door opens and there is my best friend... she is lonely everyone in the living room left and left her alone. She walks right in and gets under the covers with us. Now nothing happened, but here we were the two of us naked and all worked into a frenzy and then cant finnish what we started. I always think back to that and wonder if something could have happened there... Man i wish it had.
Well we had tons of sex... we about wore the seats out in our cars (at that age thats about the only place you can get alone). I still to this day miss her blow jobs.

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5/16/2006 10:48 pm

lol what thoughts and memories of my own hot teenage times in fast cars, basements, and church (gulp) steps you bring back. won't those the stress free sex days. . . .

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