Ode To The Snatch  

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Ode To The Snatch

She followed him in. She didn't know why, but as she looked into his face she knew she needed what he was offering... But what was he offering? She didn't really know. She was so transfixed on his face that she never even looked around the room... It didn't really matter. All she wanted was in front of her. He leaned forward and placed a soft gentle kiss on her lips. She wanted him, needed him, needed to be consumed by him, needed to be fuct by him. He looked into her eyes, he saw all the hurt, pain, and need in them. He leaned in close again and kissed her tender lips again, he felt a little quiver and then they slowly parted and welcomed his embrace. He could feel the passion build inside her, feel her let go of her reservations. He let his hands slide down her smooth body touching every curve, like he was memorizing every part of her. His lips moved from her lips to her ear, then throat, sucking and nibbling. He could feel her breath getting shallower as she got more excited by the work his lips were doing on her neck. Before she realized it she was standing in front of him in just her panties. She hadn't even felt him remove her clothes, all she could remember was that mouth on hers. She wanted him, she wanted more, she wanted him to take her, consume her. She let him slide her panties down, she stood in front of him in all her glory. She could see the delight and desire in his eyes... she thought "good, he must like what he sees". Now as he stood in front of her admiring her she looked at the object of her lust. She looked him from head to...cock... she stopped there, His bulge was big, very big... At that moment fear sunk in again, Was her perfect dream stuffing? was he not perfect after all? Seeing the fear come over her again, he quickly moved to her again kissing her and caressing her full breasts. At this moment she decided to give in to him and accept all that he had to offer her. Again his mouth found hers, this time she was eager for it, her tongue sought his looking for its dance partner. After this passionate tongue dance his mouth found that magic spot on her neck again, but it didn't stay there long. It kept venturing down to her hard nipples. He took her nipple into his mouth and sucked gently at first, then harder as her hands found the back of his head and pulled him tighter to her breast. He then released it to the cool night air as his mouth ventured over to her other nipple and again he sucked, first gentle then harder and harder... A small moan escaped from her throat... she didn't want any more teasing. so she pushed his head town toward her snatch. That magic snatch that brings her and a few special friends so much pleasure. He knelt before her admiring her perfect snatch, her fingers intertwined in his hair. She could feel his breath hitting her clit. she wanted his tongue to be there. He leaned forward and gave her snatch a little kiss.. Like he was saying hello and showing it the respect it deserved. He then slide his tongue out and nicked her clit firm but gently. Her knees buckled at the sensations she so wanted.. no needed. He licked her with a passion and desire she had never felt before, like he wanted to consume her, be filled with her sweet snatch. he was licking, and sucking on her clit like she had never had anyone do before, she could feel the passion building inside her. Finally it came, what she so desired. But it was more than she expected, she had never felt anything like this. She couldn't believe the power of her orgasm, her knees buckled, her body collapsed, she quivered uncontrollably... But she didn't fall on the ground. As she recovered from the biggest and hardest orgasm she had aver known she looked around wondering why she wasn't on the floor, she knew her legs didn't have the strength to hold her up. She looked down at him still between her thighs, and she saw that he has wrapped his arms around her thighs and with his mouth he pinned her ass up against the wall, and what had held her up was that magic mouth that had just brought her so much pleasure. He continued licking and sucking on that perfect snatch until she couldn't stand it any more. She begged to be fucked, she needed to be fucked. He stood up, holding on to her till her legs could hold her... She pushed herself against the wall and just used her legs to help her lean up against that wall. He took her hand and moved it behind her, Then she felt the steel around her wrist... She started to panic, to fight. What was he doing to her? What was he going to do? But as he reached for her other wrist he whispered in her ear "its ok, I wont hurt you". With this she gave in and let him cuff her hands behind her back. She didn't know why, but she trusted him when he said he wouldn't hurt her. She turned around to face him again. She realized he still hadn't taken any clothes of and now she wanted him, all of him, she wanted him naked against her, to feel his skin on hers. He then gave her what she wanted, he started undressing in front of her. She marveled at his chest, hairy, but not too hairy. His stomach, flat and firm. Now he was getting to what she wanted the most... to reveal the cock she so wanted.... craved. She moved over to him and knelt down before him, wishing he hadn't handcuffed her, she wanted to grab his pants and rip them off... She needed that cock. He slowly unzipped his pants and removed them. he stood in front of her in just his boxers. That bulge, just in front of her eyes, It looked even bigger from down there... was it real?... Did she want it to be real? Its so big. finally he started to remove his shorts, she was about to find out. Then it happened... The biggest cock she has ever seen stood full and erect in front of her face. Inches from her wanting mouth. But again fear filled her. It was to big, she didn't think she could get her mouth around it let alone into her mouth, and the bigger fear... Could her magic snatch stretch around it... She so wanted to suck it, fuck it, give him the pleasure he had given to her. She was going to at least try. She opened her mouth and moved to take that man-horse cock into her mouth. Her mouth moved around it, taking in, stretching to get around it... She realized she wouldn't be able to take more than just the head in her mouth... it was so big, she realized it was bigger around than her wrist... She wished her hands were free, then she could grab it with both hands and stroke it while she sucked on the head. As she looked up at him with this big man-horse cock in her mouth, sucking, slurping it, She saw the pleasure on his face and gave in and sucked that cock with all she had. After a few minutes he pulled his cock out of her mouth and helped her stand up. He whispered to her " you are incredible." "I want you." He then lead her into the bedroom, and over to the bed. She saw a bed high off the ground, with a soft, fluffy, silk bead spread on it. He guided her to bend over the side of the bed. She found it was the perfect hight for her to rest all of her weight of the bed and steady herself with her feet on the floor. She waited nervously for that massive cock to split her open. Fear again took over, can she handle it? how much will it hurt? what am I doing letting him near my magic snatch with that man-horse cock? But she knew she couldn't leave, couldn't ask him to stop... she had to have it. Then she felt it, gentle against her clit.... No wait... thats his tongue working again. Bringing her close to orgasm one more time. She cant take it any more, she has to have that cock... she says over her shoulder "fuck me please, I need that cock inside me." He stood behind her,and placed his cock up against her swollen and hungry snatch. She was so ready that after a few seconds the head of his cock was covered with her wetness. She could feel the pressure as he started pushing into her. She could feel her magic snatch being stretched open by the thickness of that massive cock. Again fear... could her snatch stretch wide enough to let him in.... Pain, but it felt good too... could she handle the pain being caused by that massive cock? He moved slow, gently, he worked just a little in at a time, letting her snatch get used to the next part before moving on. finally he started moving his cock in and out, gently and slowly.... In and out.... She could feel the pain from the stretching of her magic snatch, but she also could feel the pleasure of being fucked by that man-horse cock.... She wanted to be fucked! The pleasure took over from the pain and she let it consume her. Orgasms came easy on that giant cock. She didn't want this tender dance... she wanted to be fucked... She yelled over her shoulder.... "fuck that snatch, fuck it hard... that snatch wants you now!" He didn't have to be told twice, he grabbed her hips and started thrusting hard and deep inside her.... The pain was back... he was deeper inside her than any man had ever been before... he was stretching her... but the pleasure was more, better, all consuming. She arched her back to raise her butt higher so that he could thrust harder into her. she could feel the biggest orgasm yet building inside her... She wanted it, she needed it. Then she felt him grab her hips and thrust extra deep inside her and she could feel his hot cum jetting deep inside of her. She could feel his cock jerk and flex with ever shot. That was all she needed to go over the edge... the earth was gone, the planet stopped, nothing mattered but that man-horse cock deep inside her, as she shook and quivered on top of it. he collapsed on top of her, leaving little tender kisses on the back of her neck. They now lay together on that soft bed. Him on his back and her in the crook of his arm. She can feel his hand stroking and playing with her firm ass. Her hands now free, wrists a little chaffed, but it was worth it.... she ran her hands over his chest, looking down at that massive cock. Her hand starts sliding toward that cock. She thinks "can snatch handle that man-horse cock twice in one night?" Then that familiar tingle between her legs gives her the answer she needs.

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5/6/2006 10:27 am

oh YES. . .you have the visuals in my mind going wild. . . and my SNATCH a throbbing. . . wahhh it's only noon. . . my breasts even tingle. . . so ripe. . . dammit that was good. . .can we write together. . . i dunno. . . i could never spurt off sumthing of that magnitude and passionate flavor. . so FUCT i luv it, an ode by any other name just isn't the same purrrrh. . . meow. . . and byeBYE


5/6/2006 10:36 pm

Ode da pussy
you'd like ta catch
is the one
by lovely snatch
ode da scent
ode da love
the angels
praise it
up above
there is no match
for her snatch

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

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