Miss Behaving  

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4/21/2006 1:10 pm

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Miss Behaving

Its been a good day, ive been out getting some things done that were needing to be done. I left my cum receptacle home with her chores to do, I also informed her at what time i would be home so she could have dinner ready when i walked in the door.
As I come home i notice that she didn't do all of her chores, also as i walk into the kitchen I see her running around trying to finnish dinner. as she sees me walk into the kitchen she looks at me and i see Panic on her face, and disappointment in her eyes. I ask her what happened and she stammered a bit, and mousily said "I went shopping with my friend, and didn't get back in time to get everything done". She knew she had been bad and was going to get punished.
I tell her to stop cooking that we would be having another kind of dinner tonight. i then had her remove her dress, She stood in front of me wearing only black stocking and 5 inch stilettos. Her perky breasts heaved with excitement as she anticipated what was to come, her face was filled with a mixture of fear and excitement.
I made her stand there not knowing what was to happen while i went into the other room. I collected a few items i decided i needed, but i didn't return to her right away, I stayed in there for longer than i needed to give her time to think about what was to come.
I entered the room, and she is standing exactly where i left her, just like a statue, still nervous, but i can tell she is also excited, her nipples are hard and her knees are trembling ever so slightly. I ask er if she is ready for her punishment, and she replies with a weak "yes" as she looks me in the eyes. I tell her to go over to the table and bend over, as she does i stand back and watch that perfect ass quiver with anticipation. i move around to the other side of the table and see her there with her chin on the table and one hand on each side of her head, those full lips covered perfectly with my favorite red lipstick. i then reach out and brad each side of the table and give it a hard yank. She jumps with surprise. but the only thing that happens is that the table opens to a gaping hole right in front of her face. As she stares down at the floor through the hole made for the table leafs, she doesn't notice me reach into my pocket and pull out two wrist restraints . I quickly fasten one side to her dainty wrist and the other side to the table leaf support, then i fasten the other wrist to the table... now she realizes that she is caught. I then quickly fasten each ankle to a table leg so that those perfect legs spread just so. then i place a few tools on the table beside her curvaceous hips.
I move around in front of her gain so she can watch me remove my shirt and pants, I stand in front of her in just my boxers, my cock straining at the material trying to bust out. I can see the anticipation in her eyes as she looks me up and down, still not knowing what was going to happen to her.
I move back to her sweet butt and give it a little rub, she twitches at the touch. I can see goose pimples rising on her ass in anticipation of what was to come. I then grab her favorite toy from the table, Its called a pony tail, a small handle fashioned as a dildo with a dozen six inch long leather thongs sticking out the end. I slide it ac crossed her cheeks so she can feel it, I see her raise her ass to meet it.
I start spanking her pretty little ass with the pony tail, slowly at first and softly, but as she moans and arches her back to raise her butt to meat each swat I get harder and harder. The tears are running down her face making a little puddle on the floor beneath the table, but still she wants more. I paddle her butt until its a nice crimson, and i can feel the heat coming off of it.
I move back around to the front of her, remove my boxers, and go under the leaf support so that i am standing in the middle of the table. i place the tip of my cock up against her lips. Her quivering lips give my cock a light kiss. I put a little pressure and part those soft lips, i then start stroking my cock in and out of her mouth, while she sucks it in. Harder and deeper i thrust my dick in her mouth until it starts hitting the back of her throat, i feel her trying to fight the gag reflex as the head of my cock hits her throat again, and again harder and deeper. I see the tears welling up in her eyes again as i fuck her mouth. Then it happens... for the first time since we have been together... she takes my cock so deep in her throat that my balls rest on her chin... this is so exciting that after just a few more of these extra deep thrusts i feel my cum building in my balls, but i cant cum yet, I'm not done with my naughty slave.
I remove my cock from that talented mouth, just in time to keep myself from cum-ming, climb out from the middle of the table. i step back a little to look at my beautiful sub tied up on the table, and to give my balls a minute to relax. She looks so sex with with her red 5 inch heals those long smooth calves wrapped in the sheer black stocking, those strong and silky thighs going up to that tight little butt, that is now forced high into the air because of the way she is tied to the table, going to that long smooth back. I can tell how full her breasts are by how they are pressed out from her sides by the table, then i see her long blond hair blocking my view of her gorgeous face.
I stand behind her one more time, and that sweet butt is still bright red, and still nice and warm under my caress. I grab the lube i had placed on the table earlier next to the pony tail and coat her little asshole with lube (yes I lubed her up, its a punishment, its not meant to be cruel). Then I shove my cock into her tight little ass, she gasps at the penetrations and i see her hands grasp tightly to the table leaf supports. Her ass is so tight i can only gain about a half inch per stroke, but I slowly get deeper and deeper inside her, Until i finally feel her asshole massaging the base of my cock. Now this is a punishment so now i cant be gentle with her, so i start thrusting hard and deep into her sweet little ass. I hear her gasping with every stroke i also feel her hips shifting to receive my cock with each thrust. I can feel the warmth of her bright red cheeks on my hips when i am buried deep inside her ass. I fucked her little ass feeling her sphincter massaging my cock until my balls were ready to release their creamy treat.
Just before i blow my load i remove my cock from her ass and quickly slip it back into her mouth. she sucks my seed from the end of my cock swallowing every drop of my precious cum.
After letting her suck my cock clean I go back and pick up the pony tail again and slide it into that sweet ass. I step back and view my beautiful sub with her little ass in the air and her little pony tail waiving high and proud. It is such a beautiful sight I make her stay there for another thirty minutes waiving her ass in the air to make the tail flip around.

imLadyBambi 58M/50F

4/21/2006 2:05 pm

Nice punishment.

Not my type though.

But I am sure there are women out there who would enjoy it.

Lady Bambi

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