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9/3/2006 8:39 pm

I told you I would post this story as soon as my friend sent it to me.... This is a childs book from the late 60's.... This book fits my life sooo well that I did a post about it and in that post I said i would post the story....

Once upon a time there was a Blah...a nothing, a nobody named Billy.
"I'm just a Blah!" Billy told his mother.
"Yes dear," said his mother, who was busy and wasn't really listening.

Thats how it is being a Blah. Nobody listens to you.

Billy sat down on the floor and drew a picture. It was a picture of himself.
It was a picture of a Blah.
A sort of nothing with a sad expression.
Billy's older brother, Richard, came hurrying around the corner and jostled Billy and stepped on one of his crayons. The green one, Billy's favorite.
Richard hardly noticed as he hurried on his way.

Thats how it is, being a Blah.
Nobody notices you.

"I'll bet I'm not the only Blah in the world", Billy said to himself.
"I'll bet there are lots of Blahs."
And he drew some."I'll bet if all the Blahs got together, folks would notice us then!" Billy thought.
He drew orange ones and red ones and blue ones.
But of course there weren't any green ones because Richard had smashed the green crayon.
Billy was King of the Blahs.
He was leading his troops into battle.
While looking for a battle to lead his troops into, the King saw a very strange sight.
Some people were upside-down in a patch of dasies.
"We were jostled into a daisy patch by the Terrible, Awful Jostler named Richard who lives in the castle on the hill," the people explained.
"We'll have to do something about that!" said the King of the Blahs, as he helped them up and dusted them off.
Farther on they saw some children who were crying so hard that their tears had formed a small lake, which a duck and a fish and a polliwog named Sam were swimming in.
"It's the Terrible Awful Jostler named Richard who lives in the castle on the hill," they explained.
"He smashed our crayons!"
"We'll have to do something about that!" said the King of the Blahs, as he dried their eyes and wiped their noses.
The Blahs marched up to the castle.
They knocked politely and then broke down the door and went in.
The King bowed to the Jostler and said, "How do you do?" and challenged him to a jostling match.
It was a horrible thing to watch.
For a while the Terrible, Awful Jostler was winning, but the King gathered all his strength for one colossal jostle.
It sent the Jostler rolling down the stairs, out the door, down the hill, and into the lake of tears!
While the Jostler was trying to get the water out of his ears and the polliwog named Sam out of his pocket...the Blahs searched his castle and stomped every crayon they found.
The dripping-wet, black and blue Jostler begged for mercy.
"Stop!" he said.
"Stop what you're doing!"
"Yes, yes. Quite so," said the King of the Blahs, who was busy ad wasn't really listening.
"Lovely day for crayon stomping."

"I said stop what you're doing and get ready for supper!"
Billy's mother said.
"Pay some attention to me! Sometimes you act as if you don't even know I'm around," said Mother.
"I feel like a...a..."
"A Blah?" asked Billy.
"Thats just what I feel like!" said Mother.
"You can be the Queen of the Blahs," Billy said.
And he kissed his mother and went to wash up for supper.

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