Human Nature  

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Human Nature

A human being is all neat and good on the outside, but insert the "law" and that same humans true nature comes out.His desire to break the laws imposed upon him. it is not something he does willingly, it is an uncontrolled response to the law. If you take a person and fill his live with rules his human nature is to defy those rules. We as human beings now have to decide if we want to overcome that nature and live by those rules, or to give in to our nature and live in anarchy and depravity accepting the price for it.
There are three primary kinds of laws (rules) that fill our lives; laws of nature, government imposed laws, and relationship laws. We deal with all of these laws on a daily basis. How we deal with them and how they effect our lives can differ greatly.
Laws of nature. These laws we have no choice in, they are apposed upon us by this planet. But man is even finding a way to break these laws. the law of gravity states that water must flow downs hill, but we as humans have broken this law, we developed pumps to push that same water back up the hill. Some of these laws of nature once broken are now causing problems.
Government laws. other laws are imposed upon us by the governments we live in, they are designed to give us a set of rules to live by so that everyone can feel safe and protected. We as humans often find times to break these rules. Did you drive a car today? did you follow every single rule to the letter while doing it? did you take a shortcut at work today? Not all of the laws we break are "big" or harmful to others, some are things we don't even consider really breaking the rules.
Relationship laws. These are the spoken and unspoken rules we have placed upon each other to form relationships. If you say we have no rules between us, then you have no relationship between you. Friends expect you to act a certain way around them (rule), treat them a certain way (rule), Talk to them in a certain way (rule). These rules can be as simple as... I expect this person to nod and say hi as we pass in the hall at work... casual acquaintance, to.... I expect this person to call every day or so and to make time for us to do something on week ends... close friend, to.... I expect this person to be there for me no matter what happens... someone you love. These different types of relationships have different levels of laws governing them with different consequences for breaking them... the casual, you forget to nod, the next time they wont nod back, the close friend, you don't call for a couple of day, they may not answer your calls for a few more days, the lover... you don't stand beside them, they start to doubt your love.
In life there are "laws", If you do this, then I will do that. If you love me, then I will give you my heart, If you cheat on me, then I will leave you, If you steal a car, then we will put you in jail, If you jump out of a plane, then gravity will slam you into the ground. We as human beings must decide whether we want to live by the laws or to break the laws.
How do we over come the nature of our being? As humans we are composed of two parts, the flesh, and the spirit. It is the flesh part of our lives that rule us, but this is also the part that wants us to break the rules. So we must develop our spirit. How do we do this? We focus on it, we try to use it... It acts just like a muscle, if we exercise it it will get stronger. Then as we develop our spirit we fill it with these laws (if i jump out of an airplane i will die splattered upon the ground). If you take your lover and the laws and rules you have between you into your spirit and focus on them and meditate on them, then it will become very difficult to break the rules and hurt the one you love. With a developed spirit it becomes very easy to overcome that temptation to steal that car or to hurt the ones we love.
Are there times when it is ok to break the laws? Well yes of course. That law of gravity with the water, we break that law to get water to thirsty people, and to crops. A tyrannical government that is persecuting their people, needs to be apposed. In personal relationships this question becomes allot harder to answer and I personally cant answer yes or no to it.

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very true and every single one is different

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