Any Electrical Engineers Out There?  

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5/2/2006 5:37 am

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Any Electrical Engineers Out There?

Well Growing up on the water in south Florida I have always though about living on the water and traveling around the world on a boat and seeing all there is to see. Now any of you that have had this same dream and have looked into this has come to the same conclusion as I have. ITS EXPENSIVE!!!! The cost of a motor yacht big enough to go over seas is unbelievable, the cost of the fuel for that boat will be affordable only by the Donald Trumps of this world. So its a dream that would need some more thinking...
Next thought.... Sail Boat.... Ok well the boats are a little easier on the wallet (cause most peeps don't want to work that hard when boating), and you use sail most of the time so fuel cost is allot less.
Now there are still allot of things to consider. You have to know how to sail, Its one thing when you are out in the ocean and just trying to go, Its another when you are trying to get somewhere or have things to avoid. Sailboats are usually more cramped and compact, So usually less comfortable. To combat this we would need to consider sail boats over 65', remember we would be living on it 24/7 for at least a year and hopefully allot longer. Even though it is a sailboat there is still fuel consumption, there are times when there is no wind and you still need to get somewhere, also there are times when you need to maneuver in ways the sails wont let you. We need to consider food, clothes, souvenirs, maintenance, and other miscellaneous costs.
Now with me, I'm not independently wealthy. So for me to do this at an age when I could enjoy it to its fullest I would need to take time off of work to make it real. So the daily costs become something to watch, you can deplete the bank account real quick if your not careful and end up in the indopacific with no money, no fuel, and a ripped sail, now what?
So I was thinking the other day (my brain works on weird thoughts 24/7) what if you ran the propeller off of an electric motor? You could install a bank of batteries to power it, and then you have three sources for generating the electricity, portable solar panels that could be stowed away when they couldn't be used, wind generated with a windmill at the top of the mast, and water generated with a mill underwater to catch the currents going past the boat.
So the questions for the electrical engineer is.... How big of an electric motor would it take to push a 65'+ sailboat say 4 knots? how many batteries would it take (and their dimensions) to run that motor for say two hours? How much electricity would be generated by those three sources (approximately) and would it be enough to run the motor for two hours a day? What would it take to run the motor for 8 hours?
So I would need to find a 65+' sailboat with a good hull and rigging, and a bad motor and an interior that needs to be redone. Well thats one of my many ideas. Probably will never come about, but its good to dream.
Or if there are any independently wealthy ladies out there that would like to buy me a boat to go adventuring around the world, come see me and we can talk.

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5/5/2006 10:34 pm

hmm now there's a mind to follow. . .

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