The Office Skirt  

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The Office Skirt

She put the skirt on, eyeing her clothing and figure as one in front of her mirror, checking her curves, checking the skirt especially, and making sure everything was fine. The skirt wasn’t any different then any other skirt sold in any clothing store, no different then any skirt any other woman would wear, though it was uncharacteristic for her, she never wore skirts to work. She at one time wore a long black one, it came down to nearly the floor, but it had been a long time since she wore that Puritan piece and today was the day she wanted to impress.
She bought the outfit the previous night, a very dark blue, almost dress-shirt type top, with sleeves that ran to just near the elbows. The shirt was tucked into a like colored skirt, a skirt so out of character for her, with a blue and black checkered pattern that came to just about six inches above her knee. She combined a pair of dress shoes and a belt that were both black. The dress shoes were a couple of inches high, nothing fancy or too crazy, everyone at work would be paying too much attention, which she didn’t readily want so much. The belt was a black canvas one, the kind you could adjust to any size by slipping the notch thru the pattern of double laced canvas that went down the length of it, the belt itself was laced thru loops at the top of the skirt where the shirt was tucked in too. The underwear was the icing on the sexiness of the outfit. She was wearing black translucent Victoria Secret brand that were special and sheer that hugged her torso like a hint of clothing or more like the feel of nudity. The material was fine and hugged her cheeks like silk while covering over her crotch, the material slipped down between her legs and rubbed up against her rug, adding more excitement. It made her feel sexy, some how partially dressed. She wanted to go with out a bra but she knew, with her senses heightened by the sheer clothing, that her nipples would rub against the shirt all day long and make her that much more noticeable.
The walk to the train station set the tone for the day. A lot of men either took a look at her legs, some doing a double take, or others, lingering a little, took in her attractiveness. She could tell they didn’t feel she was wild, or crazy, but she knew what they were wondering. Everyman wanted to know if she was wearing some sort of racy underwear below her garments, was she feeling wild, what kind of man, or which man, specifically, was going to get untamed with her, in such a striking outfit, would she even get crazy with one of them. She was the object of desire, a subtle craving for intimacy, like a giant question mark of appeal. Only she knew definitively, how sheer her undergarments made her feel, almost wild, she wanted to hide how sexy she was, coyly playing like she didn’t notice the attention. The wind occasionally stole up the dress and the breeze was like the gentle blowing of a lover on her bottom. She could feel it steal its way up to surround her cheeks and blow on the front of her panties, it drove her sensuous with feeling until she got inside to the subway platform and got on the train.
Sliding into her seat on the number seven train, she could feel many eyes on her legs now, crossed so sweetly, so as not to afford any invading eyes a view up her skirt. The cool seat was sending shivers up her body, she felt quite free, almost as if she was sitting there with nothing on yet the whole train wasn’t aware of it. A fella sitting to her right kept looking up from his paper, with each page, as he glanced toward the upper right corner, he would look over the top edge and wander over her legs, as if to make it look like reading her legs was part of the news. She thought it was flattering, it made her feel even sexier, suddenly she thought of that movie where the woman switches legs and shows the view up her skirt, for some reason she wanted to do it, but she stifled the urge. She thought about how he would react, if she were to give him a view up her skirt, it would make his day, though she would feel secretly wild too. She knew she was wearing underwear, not like the movie where the woman showed him everything, but it would still be so wild. She smiled to herself thinking about acting out with such abandon and she was nearly going to do it, after all it just some shear sexy underwear, but the train stopped at her station and she was off to work.
The trip into work and the reactions of the men in the office were more flattering then she expected. Many guys in the office complimented straight off that she looked great, with so many variations on what was different and how great her legs looked, so many things from hitting on her to polite compliments. The comments that bordered on propositions were a little annoying, a little too forward, but they still made her feel alluring, slightly seductive. A lot of woman in the office took notice too. Many wanted to know where she bought the new clothing, why she was wearing such a short skirt when they couldn’t remember her wearing one in so long, all sorts of theories as to why she was wearing one, she was seeing someone new, she was bored, looking for a change, so many ideas. She wasn’t sure if a couple of women might have been hitting on her, their questions a little too forward, some asking for details that were way to private, right down to questions about her underwear. The outfit was a real hit but she wanted him to see it, after all it was his idea, he had been trying to get her to wear a short skirt for a while.
When seeing her in the hallway, his eyes nearly bulged out of his head from the first moment, he couldn’t believe she was wearing the outfit he described and he couldn’t stop staring at how great it made her look. He had to keep running his gaze over her figure to make sure he wasn’t mistaken and she was actually willing to put on the outfit. The whole ensemble was striking and he knew she felt sexy; he was glad she did, she was smiling a shy smirk and blushed, very faintly.
“Are you wearing the underwear?” He asked.
She looked to see if anyone was around, but she was too worried to try and show him in the hall. “Meet me back by my office,” She replied. They split up to head back by her space so no one would think they were up to something.
He arrived first. He must have really wanted to see. She stepped into her office moments later and with out hesitating, if she did hesitate she wasn’t sure if she could go through with it, but she lifted her shirt from where it was tucked into the skirt and pulled the band of her underwear up a little so he could see it.
“Just like we picked up in Victoria Secret and so sheer. But-“ he paused, “How do I know it is them?”
“Can’t you tell by the top waist band?” She rolled her eyes, hoping he would take this for an answer and ask no more.
“It looks like them but maybe it isn’t. I think there is only one way to tell.”
“No!” she tried to stress it, “There are people around,” she was gritting her teeth as she spoke which he took for an implied wish to show him.
“Guess you couldn’t stay to the story.”
“I can’t act out the whole story.”
“Typical, can’t take the heat, I knew you were afraid and wouldn’t do it.”
“We’re at work. You’ve never seen me in such a short skirt, now, you want me to lift it?”
He smiled, “Guess your not willing. I thought you were more wild.”
She had had enough, with all the attention, with all the revealing ness of her clothing, with the feel of the cold seat and wind on body. She was turned on, willing to put herself out now, put herself forward, she wanted to make an exhibition, even if real fast, like the way she wanted to show that gentlemen her panties on the train. She turned herself fast so her hip was closer to the less visible corner of her office, she looked back at him, then hiked the skirt up her side so that as it rose he could see more and more of her skin come clearer into view. The black portion was so far up she had to move the bottom of the shirt so to give a better idea of where the skimpy garment was exactly. He could see her underwear, the way it hugged her ass and the entire side of her bottom was clear with the material clearly wrapped around her. He could see how her cheek was rounded out underneath, very tight and small, she could tell he liked it, she thought he may even reach over to caress her, though he didn’t, but she was sure she wanted him to, worried someone would come she lowered the skirt.
She was turned on, very much so now, she could feel her breasts straining at the nipples, as they were tense with excitement, her body was a slight quiver, only ever so much that only she was aware of it. Her underwear felt moist, starting from nervous sweat, just below her mound, but she could tell it was mixing with the wetting she could feel from her insides. She was definitely excited.
“I guess we can meet at the Office Pub, after work.”
“You are kidding right?”
It wasn’t even a question and she felt on a deep level as if she wanted to see it through. She knew she wanted to take the order, she kind of like the idea of having to take orders, it turned her on, made her feel appealing and fulfilled to act out another’s wishes.
“Maybe I won’t meet you at 5.” He said.
“You know I want to but its just so crazy, I don’t know. What if someone sees us?”
“That is part of feeling all forward and crazy, the idea of getting caught. No one goes in there anyway.”
“I’ll see.”
“I’ll see you in the lobby at 5 if you do.”
The bathroom was cool and empty. It wasn’t until after lunch that she went into the bathroom and slid the underwear off her body. Her bottom felt so exposed, so naked, with the skirt, the only piece of clothing below her waist now, hugging the curves of her hips and body. She thought of touching herself down there to relieve the tension she was starting to feel inside her body. She longed to make herself shudder and release her pent up sexual frustration but she decided against it. She folded the panties up, placed them in her purse, slipping off too to finish work, the whole time feeling like a half-naked cat burglar that could be caught at any moment. She did have to spend the rest of the afternoon with the idea that she was sitting with just the skirt material and rest of the world looking at her naked torso. The idea of being discovered did make the rest of the afternoon far more exciting for her. It was all she could do to keep herself contained until the end of the day.

They hadn’t seen each other since her skirt was lifted for him see the side of her ass. She had been thinking all day about him though, it seemed odd to her, the way she wanted to go through with his whims, the way she wanted to feel his needs, to make him feel in control and sexy. She found it exhilarating, as they headed out of the office making their way to the bus station, she felt taught with anticipation.
“Did you bring the thigh highs?” He asked as they were away from the building.
“Yes.” She replied.
They paused into an Irish place a few blocks between work and the station. While he ordered her two Bailey’s drinks, meant to be two big shots, she fished into her bag and handed him her underwear, then she headed off to the bathroom and grabbed her second stall of the day. She knew he wanted her to put on the thigh highs and roll them up to within inches of her pussy. They weren’t too sultry, in black, though which worked with the mood of the outfit. She felt them hug around the top of her legs, stood there in the stall feeling her nakedness below the clothing and gap, where she was naked underneath, she felt wild as she slipped her shoes on and moved for the door. First remove her clothing, the second time adding a touch of some, but she felt like she was sizzling with desire with this second new touch, she was feeling like a haughty and confidant women, drinking in a bar with adults, ready to pull out all stops in a short while and give up what was under her skirt. Stepping out before the mirror she decided she liked this new look. Se thought it would make even more of a splash as she opened up several more buttons on the shirt until her sheer black bra was very much visible, then left the bathroom to meet him near the bar.
“Drink these down.”
“I like ice.”
“I didn’t order ice. Sorry. You will be able to get these down faster with out the ice anyway.”
Bailey’s was her favorite and the drinks slid down within minutes. He could see cleavage much more with the undone buttons
“I am impressed with the improvements on the shirt.”
“I thought you would like that.”
“Shall we go to the car?”
“I think so, drinking these so fast they went to my head too quickly.”
They pushed on from the bar. Walking the street, they both noticed the attention her outfit was getting. Men were blatantly double taking, nearly walking into things, as the light had start to flee from the sky and the tinge of darkness and night made her feel like even more of a different person. She felt sexy, voguish, on the edge, very forward and she was not used to these feelings at all. She had often noticed the attention of men but never did she feel like she was commanding it, having it dictated by him made it that much more thrilling. The walk to car was traversed easily enough when they stopped at another bar. Leading her around the bar to the far side they took up position away from the people and not readily near patron traffic. A huge fish tank was beside them and they could view all the people coming in, though they couldn’t see from below their wastes being the bar was in the way.
“Two Bailey’s drinks, no ice, and a shot of Southern Comfort.”
The drinks were slid before them in no time.
“Here you go.” He clicked the shot of Southern Comfort down as she drank the Bailey’s drink. “I had a shot of the same while you were in the bathroom at the other bar.”
“This drink is just adding to the last two. I feel soooo tipsy.”
“All you have to do is drink this other one down and we can jump in the car.”
“I don’t think I should have the fourth one, I feel light headed enough.”
“Why waste a drink?”
“After today, I am feeling all sort of things.” She said.
He replied, “How about letting me feel something.”
She gazed at him, clearly misinterpreting his meaning.
“No,” he said. “Not there, let me run my hand up your thigh, just so I can feel your hose up to where it ends, sort of off to the side and right up to the top of your leg.”
She glanced around and saw that they were not visible to most of the bar. Then she thought, how bad could it look, even if his hand were up her skirt, it would look like it was on her thigh anyway. Nodding to him to go ahead before she changed her mind, she got ready for the feel of his hand on her skin. It landed lightly just above her knee, broad and warm, contrasting the cool of her leg, then he let his hand rest there, massaging her knee, slightly, with his thumb and fingertips, raising it slowly, almost brushing, up the length of her leg. As his hand reached closer and closer, it drove her crazy, the feeling as if his thumb were going to reach over and touch her folds of skin around her, as if he were going to slip it inside her, made her want him to, made it erotic. She kept her eyes solidly on his fingers as they slid under the skirt, caught between nervous and excited; worried he may stray, almost wanting him to touch her though. He worked his hand up to just below her waist and kept gripping the skin, kneading it slightly, until he knew for certain she her panty hose tapered off at the thick band that held them up. She was anticipating his working his hand back down, for she very much wanted him to touch her, but knew she would not be able to take it if he were actually to do it, but before her excitement and wonder could get her anymore turned on, he pulled his hand, almost fast, down the length of her leg and removed it altogether. The motion was so light and fast it made her shudder though she was keeping her composure lest anyone see.
“You’re skin is soft.”
She reached for the Bailey’s to help steady her nerves just a touch, the liquor she had just protested was now a welcome feel, warm and smooth, helping her regain some poise, off setting the mixture of buzz and excitement, but adding to it all at the same time. It was odd to have him touch her this way. The idea of never having him touch her so intimately was incongruous to her doing all this, to her letting him touch her in this way. It all seemed so surreal, almost fake, she wasn’t sure if she felt like a different person or was a different person.
“Let’s hit the car.”
Feeling heady she set off with him. The walk didn’t feel long, after talking for a little while, so casual, she felt like she might be asked to do some crazy thing next, like those stories she had read, where the men force the woman to do such implausible acts. She thought about it though and realized it was actually she who was really in control. He hadn’t asked her to do anything she wasn’t able to decline. He hadn’t asked her to walk up to some one and lift up her skirt, or wanted her to wear anything that was see through or vulgar, after all she picked out her outfit. Those crazy stories were about group sex and bondage, all the writings of other writer’s wildest desires, but his was real, perfectly performable. He offered her one of those travel-size Bailey’s drinks, the airplane kind, and she took it because it was so cute, he had one too and they both drank. She was wondering if this was a script, the small bottles of liquor were in no story, but then again they were cute and they made her feel real. Not like some story girl, a figment of imagination, she felt like she had a grasp of the situation, like real life, it ebbed and flowed with no real way to tell how things will go. It made her feel adventurous. Once in the car they continued to talk and started to drive a bit, she noticed that she was sitting with her legs uncrossed, perhaps if someone walking near a light looked in, they might see right up her skirt, straight up at her bare crotch with everything visible. She knew no one would, but she liked being able be free, free to tempt a view, if she liked.
The bus stopped and they alighted next to a hotel. She had heard him talk about parking in a garage behind a hotel. She followed him through the lamp lit dark to the far side of the place. The front was so bright and well illuminated, until they got just around the corner, there was dampened light from smaller street lamps and it felt a touch odd, such a stark contrast, plus she was looking at the space between the buildings, wondering if that was where he was going to pull into. They passed on to the parking garage then circled around the first level, made the turn and started heading out toward the street again. She was eyeing the gap between the buildings, wondering if he was going to pull in, though to her surprise he continued on, she was confused.
Suddenly, he stopped the car. Driving backward in reverse, he stopped again and maneuvered in between the buildings.
He made another right after turning into the gap and she could see there was another small back there. Checking to see if it was secluded he pulled over and put the car in park. He leaned over and kissed her, softly on the lips at first, then lightly pushed his tongue into her mouth, moving his tongue and caressing the inside of her mouth with a motion that let her know he was good with using it all, his lips, his mouth, the tongue too. While kissing her heavily he reached his left hand down and placed it on the inside of her left thigh, rubbing in circles with the steady motion of his kiss, working his hand up to just inches from her pussy. She was responding, getting wetter, thinking about all the moments leading up to this, feeling his strong hand on her body, then he took his hand and with a light sweep he ran just the tips of his fingers over her slit, making the hair and lips quiver as he just brushed up the length where her lips parted. It drove her wild.
“Open your shirt.” He said while he stopped kissing her.
Lifting her hands to her shirt she undid all the buttons and threw open the shirt. Her black bra was holding her breast, and the nipples were clearly visible through the sheer material.
“Take off your shirt.”
The shirt fell away on either side of her as she let it fall about her. The bra was the only thing between his hands and her naked breasts; she knew he wanted to grab them.
“Open the bra.”
Opening the clasp the undergarment was thrown wide and fell off her elbows, barely off, when he saw her two nipples, leaning over he grabbed her left breast with his right hand, nearly palming more then her whole tit as he massaged it, working his thumb and fingers among the nipple, then alternating between squeezing the end among his digits, working it in small circles that sent electricity all over her body, and massaging the whole breast. His lips fell while kissing their way to her right breast. He leaned and kissed the tip of it with his lips, then proceeding to take it into his mouth, to suck on the nipple, rolling it around with his tongue, then lightly in his teeth, taking time to lick the whole nipple, working it with all his mouth. She was on fire. Dropping his left hand down between the skirt again, he went straight to her pussy, gently gliding his fingertips over her mound so that she was moaning with anticipation. Slowly, he rubbed his hand harder on her slit until he was kneading his fingers through lips, working them until she was extremely wet, then, when he had taken his time, he slid just the start of his index finger into the space between her lips. Working it between the folds with a come hither motion, he let it play just an inch or so inside of her, this combined with the tongue on her breast, she was on edge.
Gently his finger was working on her, shifting slightly just within her, until, he had it worked inside her, just the one, sliding slowly, tip to base. His middle finger was dry, compared to his wet index, so he restarted the same routine with this slightly larger finger, working around as he had the previous one and using her juice to lubricate his hand. She was enjoying the rhythm, he placed his two fingers together and slid them into her hole, filling her up with both fingers, thus the routine started again now with the two fingers, except, occasionally, sliding his two fingers up he reached to just below and under the inside of her pussy. Rubbing her inside, his fingers were probing everywhere, her wet lips writhing around his fingers; it was like pure voltage running through her body. Her breath was coming in shorter, pant like moans, with her orgasm on the verge of shooting to every edge of her body. His fingers rubbing, her pussy getting tighter, when his thumb reached up and pressed his thumb onto her clitoris and it felt great. Holding it firm, he worked his fingers inside of her and kept his thumb on her button, keeping a slight rubbing motion with the fingers that were working in and out almost in time to the thumb rubbing her button. She was on edge, her body almost rigid, but that added touch on her clit put her over the edge, her body tensed, tensing in a way that made her feel like curling up in a fetal position. She felt this tensing a few times, and then, the orgasm started up, from deep inside her and rippled out to the far edges of her body. She started to tremble and shake the energy out of her body and feel all that pent up vigor flow out of her pores. Her body was satisfied, he had worked her to cum so well.
“How was that?”
“I thought it was great.”
“Feel like returning the favor?”
She was leaning over undoing his jeans before he had finished the sentence. His cock was hard, just under the denims, as she undid the belt. Popping the button and sliding the zipper down she could make out the shape of his penis through the opening clothing, pausing to take in the sight she lowered the band of the underwear until the head moved out, red and straining to be free. She stroked her hand up and down the shaft, rising and falling from top to bottom. He had his eyes open and staring at her hand it was soothing and felt good. He was alive with energy now and his right hand reached over and caressed her tits with his hands, matching the motion of her hand on him, like they were in tune. He reached up and placed his hand on her shoulder, kneading the shoulder muscle as his was being kneaded in her hand. When he placed his hand, just gently on the back of her neck, she took it as a sign. With a breathless action her mouth was on him; she kissed the tip through her lips until the top was inside her mouth, then her tongue went to work on the tip. His cock was thin and long, with a nice head that filled her mouth, she slid it toward the back of her throat and started working the shaft with her hand, less gently now, pumping and sucking him off with amazing deftness. The holding back of his excitement the whole time he pleasured her was taking its toll, his dick tensed and went crazy from cock sucking. She could sense the same clues in him that made her feel he was going to cum, his breath coming in short gasps, the way he was rubbing the back of her head, the subtle rocking motion of his hips, she could tell he was about ready to explode.
Cradling her hair through his fingers ran his fingers through her mane combined with the feeling of her tangled hair, her need to have him cum was strong. Occasionally, he would slip his free hand, when not on the top of her head, down to one of her nipples, as he turned and rolled it between his fingers, making her again excited. She wanted him inside of her now, though the current was leading up to his blowing in her mouth, but she wanted him inside of her lower lips and filling up her pussy as his cock exploded, though, she knew he was ready to cum. She took her mouth off his rod and started to work her hand up and down, stroking faster with his impending release. When the load started to pore from his head, she used her other hand to keep from shooting all over and let it pool about his tool and on his skin. It was messy but liberating and nothing a few napkins cleaned up in short order.
They had both orgasmed, both let loose their tension. Sitting back in his seat, she started to put herself together, rearranging clothing back in its previous place. His cock went limp and he slowly pulled up his underwear and redid his jeans, getting himself back together as well.
“It’s late and you’ll want to go home. I’ll take you to your car.”
The car slipped into gear and started from between the buildings as he drove toward the highway.
“Ah, sure, but-“
“Oh, you worried about the next time?”
“No, well-yeah, I mean-“
“Next time, I have a better plan, though you have to want to be on board for the ride.”
“I am.”
“Good, next time it will be something a little more wilder, a little more on the edge.”
“Dressing so sexy in public isn’t on the edge enough for you?”
“You would be surprised what I find on the edge-“
She was excited and afraid to see what might be in store.

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