Venus and Mars II  

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9/19/2005 5:51 am

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Venus and Mars II

Heads are turning. Everywhere. Guys are so obvious. Every time a beautiful woman is within a 100 yard radius, you can watch all the heads pivot like weathervanes in her direction.

Does she know what those hip-hugger felt sweats that hang so low she has to wax are doing to us?

Does she like the idea of all those eyes on her? Or does it jeeb her out?

But more importantly, I wonder if women ever do the same? Do they ever drink in a guy, and experience that all-over tingle?

I see a look once in a while - careful, discreet, brief. But only a glimpse. Then they look away, and go about their business.

Do they see me? Do they lust in the same way for me as I lust for them? Okay, not ALL of them, but one or two?

No, I'm not Brad Pitt - but I'm not Don Knotts, either. I look good enough - fit enough - to create an occasional lustful glance. I know, because I've seen them from gay men in clubs when I go out with friends.

I'd hate to think that it is simply that women are from Venus, and men from Mars. On Mars, we experience hunger, deep into our loins, for those we desire. How does it work on Venus?

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