Day Four - Steady as She Goes (or Doesn't)  

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1/6/2006 7:48 am

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Day Four - Steady as She Goes (or Doesn't)

Yesterday was a hard day. Pun intended. I went through numerous moments, surges of testosterone maybe, cues from my surroundings, where I would just start getting stiff.

...Riding in the elevator with a beautiful woman. Just the two of us. Being discreet. Not staring. Not making her uncomfortable. But wondering if she can feel the lust that is thick in the air? Or is it just me?

...In the line at the store. Another woman. She is with another guy, but she checks me out anyway. The first time, I wondered if it was an accident. The second time, I knew it wasn't. She looked and kept looking. Held my gaze for a moment as I looked back. The third time, a glance over her shoulder as she left. A mutual approval. A whole affair lived out in a few seconds. Wow. Did he notice? Did she get chewed out in the parking lot? Did she play if off, saying "he looked familiar, and he was looking at me, so I was trying to place him - did you recognize him?" Smooth.

...The book I am reading at bed time. Our hero is traveling on business - and sees a prostitute. It is a perfect encounter. A business transaction with a win/win climax...only he paid and she didn't. Supply-side economics at its finest. What kind of book is this? There was no picture on the cover of a shirtless hunk gripping a beauty in a flowing, sheer, full-length dress torn to the crotch. It is not published by Harlequin. Doesn't the author know that I am abstaining this month?!

...Lights out. And then, dreams about my high school sweetheart. The one woman who truly broke my heart. It has been twenty years, and I still dream about her. A large gathering. Family. Friends. Her. A potential reconciliation. A third chance. The first two chances were in real life - both ended by the same football captain - but maybe this would end differently. And, then -

...Girl interrupted. By my alarm. And that is okay - it wouldn't have ended any better this time. Curious, though, how she still haunts my dreams.

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