Day 1 - Starting Over  

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1/21/2006 1:03 pm

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Day 1 - Starting Over

Well, well, well.

Do I bother starting over??

Did I learn anything from my first attempt and failure?

One thing is for sure - abstinence for a few days at a time does increase desire and appetite, and does increase the resulting reward at release. I don't think I have gone as long as I did for my entire life -- well, since figuring out the whole masturbating thing -- and the energy and the explosion -- WOW. I felt like a porn star with the sheer volume!!

On the downside, the other thing I wonder is, does going without too long start to lead to pent-up negative emotions? I have been feeling a little cranky lately - not in synch with the world, with life, with work. Sort of listless, encumbered, and empty. I have heard of people that abstain for long periods of time, thinking it reserves energy and creativity and life, but unless I just happened to be going through a bad spell and it was just a coincidence of timing, then I don't agree.

Is it like the "Seinfeld" "The Bet" episode, where the longer they went without masturbating, the crankier they got?

The day after I broke (see earlier post), I felt great. A new man. Will it last? Not sure. Maybe I will try again to see if the mood starts to deteriorate again. Maybe I am addicted to masturbation, and the mood stuff was symptoms of withdrawal? Hmmm...

One thing is for sure, Jerry's quote is true. He said, "men have to do it, it's part of their lifestyle." The question is, how much is the right amount?

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