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9/20/2005 11:59 am

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Body Parts

Wondering how others rank parts of the body according to their own internal lust meters? Here is my list, in priority order:

Ass - nothing beats a great ass. Except perhaps a great ass in those hip-hugging felt sweatpants that say "PINK" on the back. I've been an ass-man from the very beginnings of puberty. The perfect ass comes in many shapes and sizes, however - it is hard to define, elusive. Small, pear-shaped cheeks in a tight pair of jeans are to die for. Larger, athletic cheeks you can balance a beer on work, too - especially if the rest of her is so athletic that she could throw me around a bit. Even the occasional skinny butt is awesome, if the lycra is stretched just right.

Legs - I am including feet and ankles here, although I considered briefly putting feet in a category by themselves. I have a foot thing, I admit it. Especially with anklets or yes, tattoos. And especially in heel-less sandals. Makes me drool just describing them. But yes, the rest of the legs, too. Toned calves, long legs
leading up to, well, the ass.

Stomach - Wow, am I a fan of the mid-riff shirts and the hip-hugger pants. I love a tummy that you see as much of below the belly-button as you see
above. The knowledge that the woman must wax to wear those pants is enough to send me running for the public restroom for a quick whack.

Hands - Surprised? There is nothing like a beautiful hand, with strong fingers. Nails can be manicured, or not. Although, I am NOT a fan of the fake nails. They look - fake. But, hands are to hold, and are for holding. And, if they are holding me or parts of me, how could they not be on the list?

Breasts - Okay, they are last on my list, but they are still dear to my heart. Smaller is better in my experience - there is more sensitivity, and the nipples are more responsive.

Notice I didn't mention the face - because it must be held separate from an analysis of body parts. It is my experience that an average face with the right twinkle and spark is far more alluring than a beautiful face that is carved of stone. Nevertheless, faces, along with personality and intellect, must be considered as part of the whole.

In summary, when it comes to sex, I admit it. I prefer all the body parts of a woman south of the waist. That is, after all, where I prefer to spend the bulk of my time and energy.

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