Which one do I choose?  

knduhtheflirt 53F
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7/11/2006 7:29 pm
Which one do I choose?

I find myself getting to know more and more ladies and wondering which one would be more fun to get to know and yet wondering would it be more fun or would it be nice to know them and see if they may be a relationship quality in them? I find myself getting more tired of not dating and seeing someone exclusively, however, I am not one to sleep around and cyber. I want to know someone before I go to bed with them .Yes I actually do still have morals believe it or not. I know not all people do have morals however the way I was raised and the things I went through in life leads me to believe there are still nice people in this world who just dont sleep around. When I do find someone I really like it seems they are not sure how to handle the attention and how to respond so alot of them back away. Is it really like that anymore that people dont know how to handle someone actually paying attention to them and caring? What happened to people and why dont they know how to handle love and life anymore? I have found that people still go in circles and find themselves in the same situations again and again. Why not take that step and try, yes you may get hurt however you may also find love or find that there is trully love and friendship out there. I find I attract ladies of all kinds and sometimes I love finding them and wanting to get to know them and other times I wonder should I go there with them and get to know them when they are half way across the country? Well I have loved from afar and have loved close to me also. So now I am gonna venture out and take a chance on love where ever it may lead. If its friends I can handle that I love to have friends and if there is more then we will work on distance and all. I will never hop into a relationship so fast again like I have done. I will get to know someone and sometimes distance makes you chat more and relate and communicate. So, when I look for someone I look to the heart, the smile and how they live life and what they are looking for. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and also comes from within. I will choose the right one for me whether its right now or I keep searching I will find her and we will be together.

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