Shes worth waiting for.....  

knduhtheflirt 53F
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6/29/2006 8:43 pm
Shes worth waiting for.....

the woman I find myself thinkin about all the time is worth waiting for. Its not everyday that one finds someone who can fill your heart and mind and make you think about her all the time. And you feel connected and know when the other one is hurting. Life is the most wonderful thing when you can find the right person for your life, now waiting sometimes is hard to do but when they are worth it then go for it. love is hard and worth the wait. BUt when you get the right love and mate you will know it without a doubt. Be patient and know that there is someone for you out there. Just sometimes its not on our time schedule, because the other person might not be ready for you. Or you may not be ready for them. Sometimes we meet people to know what we are really looking for and what we are not looking for. And when we learn from all the ones we have dated then we know when the right one comes along. So keep your chin up and know there is a man or woman for you out there and dont be afraid to step out and take a chance on love. There may be one day you dont step out and the person you were to meet is standing right there. We dont get many chances to meet the right one so always take care in knowing theres a reason for each move we make.

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