Lovin someone from afar  

knduhtheflirt 53F
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4/9/2006 6:19 pm
Lovin someone from afar

I have a friend whom I love from afar. I have always liked her and have found I love her dearly as a friend and would love to see if thee is more to it then just friendship. I dont know if I could ever get thru to her or not, for shes in love with someone else. HOw does one get thru to them that you love them for more than a friendship and could be far better for them then the one they love? I know she loves this woman and wants to be with her, however, she has been unhappy the whole time she has been in love with her. Does any of this make sense? NOt really because we always search for love in the oddest places and feel love can come from those who really dont know how to love only how to use you until they are done with you. THe love I have is a never ending love and I know that I will love my friend forever no matter what and will be there no matter what and help her pick up the pieces once again. And would only wish she could see past all the other things and see how deep my love goes for her. TO be able to take care of her when shes down and know when shes starting to have a bad day. I know these thing and know in my heart how she feels because I have been there myself. And only the love of a true friend can help you thru the bullshit we go thru. ONe day I pray she will open her eyes to see the truth and know that the one she loves is not good for her and will only hinder her life. And I know one day she will see me and know I will never leave her. Babe know I love you and always will.

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