Is she worth waiting on?  

knduhtheflirt 53F
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6/18/2006 3:55 pm
Is she worth waiting on?

I have met a woman and really like her. Do I wait on her and be patient for her to get things in order and let her make the calls or do I persue her and try to find out what is going on? Or do I just let her be and if its meant to be she will call and we will connect? Why is it when we find someone that one of us always gets scared and wants to not check out what might be there? Is it due to fear, hurt, pain or all the above? Do we really want to step out and take a chance on love or getting hurt again? I see this with women and men all the time afraid to commit or afraid to get hurt again so instead of maybe getting to be with someone they would rather be alone or play around and see whomever wants to go to bed with them. I find that this one is worth waiting on, but how do I tell her I will be patient and how patient can I be? I want to be with her now, but have looked for so long, is she worth waiting on alittle longer? ONly time will tell.

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