Even after meeting the family she still wants me.  

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8/28/2006 4:37 pm

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9/6/2006 8:40 pm

Even after meeting the family she still wants me.

Sometimes we just dont know what we find until the family meets your girlfriend. Well this weekends they got to meet and it was nice. They accpeted her and accepted me for holding her hand and having my arms around her or her touchin me in front of them. So for now all is well and life moves on. Our families dont know what to think most of the time, however, all they really truly want is our happiness. So find what you are looking for in love and let your family come around when they are ready. Just have a little tact and dont flaunt your choices and have sex in front of them and hang all over each other. If you just do friendly little hand holding and touching they can handle that, just dont put your tongue down her mouth and expect them to feel ok with it. Life is too short not to have your family and someone to love in your life. So find what makes you happy and when your family sees you happy they will accept what makes you happy.

Life is what you make it. Find your dreams

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9/2/2006 8:10 am

I liked Flirt before I even knew her family. Flirt and I had been seeing each other about every weekend and talked on the phone at least twice a day for some time. I was hesitant to meet all the aunts and uncles, especially at a family get together, but I was reminded by someone very special that I was part of HER family. From the first moment I met them they made me feel welcome. I was introduced as the g/f and the reluctance I first felt melted away. It seemed natural to hold Flirts hand and to rub her back. We didnt flaunt anything but we were cautious to there surprise at a g/f. I think we were very tastful with our touching. At the end of the night an aunt of Flirts even commented about how relaxed Flirt was about holding my hand and how happy she seemed. Flirts family is a crazy bunch!! and I adore them

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