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12/14/2005 5:42 am

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Lets see...I am still chatting with the two lovely female AFFers that I mentioned previously.

One has just installed a web cam & has been showing off for me. It is actually pretty cool. I had really never played via cam before. (I do not have a web cam myself). Playing with her this way is really a turn on since we have not met in person yet. She is very attractive & sexy & very hot. She gets on her cam & then asks me to tell her what to do. So, of course I tell her what I want to see her do & she does it for me. Geez, that is HOT. She looks great on cam & I know that when we do actually meet in person, I am going to ravish her completely. I am able to make her cum when we are chatting on cam, so I know she is going to be totally satisfied when I pleasure her in person.

The other lovely female AFFer that I am chatting with is very sexy, attractive, smart & she is TOO FUNNY. I am not exactly her type (because I am attached) so she is reluctant to get involved with me in person. But we have agreed to continue chatting to see what happens. No matter what we end up doing, she is a blast to chat with.

So...other than having a decent month sales-wise, that is about all that is new with me at the moment.

Peace out!
(I have always wanted to say that, but it seems so dorky).

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