Legally Bald and Why Wicked Sex is Good  

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Legally Bald and Why Wicked Sex is Good

Writers' Block and Changes

After weeks of writers' block and some hardships, I'm finally back into this. I decided to get a new look and shaved my head. I am now totally bald. Half 'n' half wasn't inspiring enough.

My new motto: Bald is Beautiful

I actually look pretty cool now with my bare head, sunglasses and leather jacket. If it weren't for my baby blue eyes, gentle face, and the fact that I drive a Saturn, I could just about pass for being a bad dude.

I've cleaned and rearrange my apartment. In another day or two, I'm going to be reloading Windows on my computer. I have other makeovers in the works.

I haven't yet taken advantage of everything this board has to offer yet. I've been too busy adjusting things, and adjusting to things-- like not having a lover, female friend or soul mate. Not yet.

Why Wicked Sex is Good, and Good for Us

I believe I can have it all. I believe I can be a loving, dedicated husband, soul mate and/or significant other and still enjoy a wicked sex life with her.

I know that society teaches us a difference between love and lust. Call me a net-ager. From my experience, L&L often go hand-and-hand. I have felt a bond to every woman I've enjoyed sex with. In fact, I've felt more of a bond when I've enjoyed sex with two at once!

We're told that sex is too sacred and it should be practiced only in marriage. Now, I would agree that sex is sacred in any sense of the word, but can't be more sacred than food. We could live without sex, perhaps warped, but we could do it. Lack of food means death in several weeks.

We have chefs who turn basic food into exquisite works of art and intensify the pleasure of eating. Now, believe it or not, when potatoes were first "discovered" in the new world, they were thought to be poisonous, and it was actually illegal to serve them as food. The original French chefs actually took a risk of going to prison by preparing them.

That seems to be the stage we're at with consensual sex in this society. Why can't consensual sex between adults be enjoyed with the same zest and artistry we take with food?

When sex meant a great risk of having children, it was different. When fatherhood could not be determined for a child born, it was different. When women were the property of the family patriarch, it was different. We no longer live in those environments, yet, our culture is still based on those times. Our emotions about them go back even earlier: when human beings were hunter-gatherers.

So, we have a culture that is set up in response to the world existing a thousand years ago, and our emotions are set up to respond to the world existing a hundred thousand years ago.

As a result, our religions teach us that sex is for procreation and for pleasure, and the latter is solely for strengthening marriage. The "unitive and procreative" theory of sex, which is the basis of the papal encyclical "Humanae Vitae" forbidding birth control. In fact, according to sociobiologist Edward O. Wilson in his groundbreaking book "On Human Nature," church leaders are misinformed about this.

Sex is not for reproduction as Wilson points out. Most species reproduce asexually. Sex actually makes reproduction far more complicated, so that's not why it evolved. It's also not, by and large, for pleasure. Most every species reproduce quite mechanically. Only humankind are sexual connoisseurs, enjoying it in many different varieties and positions.

No, the biological purpose for sex is to recombined genes in order to give wider diversity which hedges a species survival if the environment changes swiftly. If a species reproduces asexually, it has only one form A. If it recombines its genes, there's form B, C and D. That gives it an edge if the environment changes.
Form A dies out, but one of the forms B, C and D is bound to survive.

Now, humankind is adapted for sexual pleasure because it has another use for it. A woman's ovulation time is hidden from both sexes. So, humankind has used sex to create or strengthen bonds.

So, as long as sex is consensual, I believe we have an absolute right to enjoy it in all of its wondrous varieties and flavors. Just as we enjoy food.

There are other considerations to this, of course. It's not that I would ever savage my partner's feelings by practicing this. I have to restrain myself according to her feelings. However, it does depend on her and my knowledge of her emotions. I intend to be completely honest with any partner about my feelings and pleasures.

People need pleasure psychologically, and in a free society with rights, it doesn't make sense to pursue happiness, but take no pleasure!

I believe that if people have respect for other people's healthy pleasures, it would go a long way to tolerance for each other's civil rights in general.

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