I keep on leaving, trying to be more faithful... to my blog  

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8/21/2006 12:48 am

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I keep on leaving, trying to be more faithful... to my blog

It takes a while to really get the feel of a blog, it's subjec, and to incorporate it into my day. There has been some instability in my life. I got rid of it. Them rather-- as in my roommates.

Unfortunately, when the went, so did my digital camera! I won't be putting up many pictures up for a while!

But on to the subject of this blog. Sex, romance, relationships, eroticism, recreational sex, naughty sex, fetishes, porn, love.

When I spot a woman for the first time, what do I physically see? In this template order: hair, breasts, figure, face, eyes, hands, lips, smile, legs, feet, voice, scent. That order isn't fixed. Any one of them could strike me out of order and attract me.

Hair: it's how a woman frames her face. I have a fetish for watching a woman care for her hair. The whole range of colors are different treats for the eyes.

Blond is a dynamic color, from platinum to honey. Blond can be a halo of an angel, it can be vanilla to the eyes, it can be like frost when cold, but blind you when its hot.

Black hair: A stark line against the background framing her face with shadows. A mysterious color full of shades. It has its own ambiance. It has gravity and heart. Substantial, not a halo, a glory magical as an eclipse. The cloak of a temptress.

Red hair: from playful to fiery. A heated color. Dynamic, not a cloak, not a halo, the color of her heart worn about her face. It's hot in any mood, and can't be turn down or off. Exceptional, it can't be hidden. Heat melting a man like wax, or harding him like clay. Playful and devilish.

to be continued

GhostWriter947 58F

8/21/2006 6:18 am

Brunettes????? lol....

Sorry about your camera, maybe your roomates moving out was worth it??

I always look at the eyes first, not sure why.

Anyway, I will wait for you to "continue", lol.


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