How did we live without the internet?  

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2/20/2006 2:03 pm

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4/15/2006 11:02 pm

How did we live without the internet?

Back in the year 1 B.I. (before internet), when cellphones were bulky enough to be weapons of self-defense, how did we live?

No Yahoo, Amazon, Google, Ebay, Cybersex, adult sites, email, streaming video/audio, online games, online stores, online dating, chatrooms, blogs or websites. No Napster or dotcom crash. A virus was something that made *you* sick, and a worm was something you dug up from the ground to go fishing.

That's only what I remember off the top of my head. That BI age, way back 12 years ago seems so alien to me now. It seems so remote, like something in an archeological dig.

When I look at how much time I spend on the internet now, I know it has changed me. I am not the same person I was then.

Now, it has changed sex between people, too. It is also changing people's perception of it, I think. When they fired up the internet, the DARPA people couldn't know how much of it would be devoted to sex. Most notably, porn. It used to be found only in magazines-- and highly disdained publications.

Books, magazines and newspapers all had editors, who among other things, kept certain things out of print. Without that authority, everyone can see that sex is a very large part of our thoughts. Uncensored, unedited and unrestrained by authority, people write about and discuss sex and look at and create pornography an awful lot of the time. Whatever judgments we throw at that revelation, it should be plain to everyone.

You might think that is not really momentous, that people knew that before, and yes that's true, but when you look at how little the media was committed to that topic the year 1 BI, we didn't show that very much to each other. The presentation we had of sex in the world around us was censored in literature. We knew what we did ourselves, but we weren't so aware or how the whole rest of humankind thought about it, or how much.

I know my whole thinking about sex changed radically with the internet. This is only one change. There are other sexual changes caused by this. It has not really sunk in with people yet. As it does, society will either have to surpress it or cope with the change.

soft_ntempting 40F

2/24/2006 2:54 pm

hmmmm, what would i do without the internet? Had to think about this one for a minute, well, as i recall i had lots of hobbies, and was into sports and stuff, i used to dance, sing, read books, and maybeeee some arts and crafts! Now, it's email time n blogging lol, but i still dooo some of those other things yet!



_wannaplaydirty_ 40F

4/15/2006 2:40 pm

I've always argued that we wouldn't have the internet we have today without sex. The porn industries drive to get more online, to get revenue, has produced code for imges, then audio, then video and other streaming media - it's something most of the media don't like to acknowledge but are happy enough to utalise the tools the porn industry has provided.

Personally I still remember the early days of BBS', Gopher, Compuserve and how amazed I was by the first browser and the pages that started to appear - when you sit back and think about how utterly intrenched the internet's become as part of everyday life in such a short time it's mind-boggling!

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