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12/5/2005 7:53 pm

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More on my observations of this site:

People feel like meat here. Not that I think that is bad, though it does tend to dehumanize everyone a little bit. I also notice we are all an ocean of giant cliches, self included. It is fascinating, but I've mentioned this.

And how cliche is it to talk about one's sexual hunger, and ability to perform? I know, all men here are porn stars. Though, to toot my own horn, I can perform. I've decided I can go about as long as a woman can keep me ensnared. Often, my mind turns off before my body reaches its threshold. This isn't a boast, but rather me rattling to do so. The women I have been with where we had all-day-long rock-star sex were ladies that kept me interested, kept me intrigued and inspired. Weave a little mystery, keep me baited with expressed interest, elegence and feminity, and I keep it coming.

As long as I am talking frankly and openly about sex, I just want to mention that I do abide strictly by certain codes of behavior in my life. One is, I don't shit where I eat. That is, I don't fuck women I work with. And that's too bad, because there is this fiery red haired lady I work with that I would love to crawl all over. I imagine she is about 40, wears a lot of dark clothes, with nice little skirts, and has this delicious smile. Her eyes really do sparkle, and when I walk by and smell her, I want to make a meal of her right there. And she knows it, and I am sure she approves.

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