sex and welding...  

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10/30/2005 7:19 am

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sex and welding...

Sex is like welding... no, hear me out: it makes sense to my somewhat battered mind (I've been breathing in the fumes from burning paint).

You need to do plenty of preperation before the actual penetration: both halves should be naked, and preferably buffed clean. Failure the clean properly will just lead to sparks and a bad weld.

Time also needs to be taken to ensure that the two sides physically match, and that they nestle together smoothly.

When it comes to the actual penetration, it's vital to get the speed and power just right. Good pentration can be seen, as both sides of the piece should get red-hot. To get a good seam, the wand needs to gently weaved from side to side.

Do not attempt to complete the job in one single stretch, you will just buckle the piece. It is better to weld a short length, then move to another area, and weld there. The piece should also be left to cool down if you start blowing holes.
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