The Rogues Handbook  

kitz6 60F
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5/26/2006 7:32 am
The Rogues Handbook

This is my latest literary work. It is a guide for children covering the subject of 'how to drive your parents nuts with class and finesse.'

For example: when asked to take out the garbage, get into one of two outfits to do the job: either A. your pith helmet and safari garb or 2. your bio-hazard suit.

Yes the child will need a 'complete wardrobe' and should insist upon his/her parents making sure they are properly clothed for any eventuality.

The next item on the agenda for this pestiferous child, is to use polysyllabic words that will send hisher parents running for the dictionary.

The wise infant will also cultivate the ability to hide in plain sight as well as being least in sight and will know which to do when.

The excuse this rogue child will use to get out of or to postpone household chores will be studying and other academic endeavors. Becuase the child knows that the way out is to get A's. LOTS of A's. That way you can skip some grades and get out there and play for real!

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