Stolen From Another!!  

kitz6 59F
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1/27/2006 11:25 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Stolen From Another!!

So I wanna know ... How would you fuck me?

Would you make me beg?

Would you be rough?

Would you be gentle?

Would you be soft?

Would you fuck me like an ________?

You tell me ... 'cause I wanna know!

rm_1320guy 70M
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1/29/2006 8:29 pm


My rough animal days are far behind me and I would never make a lady beg. Soft and slow and gentle, exploring every part of your body. Rubing, caressing, licking, sucking, stimulating all your senses. From fondling your breasts to arousing your clit to masaging your G spot, I would take you to OMGLAND as often as you like. And finally penetration, slow and deep, fast and hard, one nice thing about getting older the gun doesn't always go off as quick and you can go on and on and on. Positions? The "Flying V" and "Cowgirl" have always been my favorites but with you Kit I would try anything.


CloudQualmChefs 55M/58F

2/4/2006 10:47 pm


While this is a personal note, we have no problem sharing with the AdultFriendFinder community. After all you have led the way around here. Actions speaks louder than words.

1. To answer the question... like a real woman. You deserve no less. This response requires a good explanation.

2. Having known you for a bit an enjoyed all the moments you chose to share. I have to declare that you are a wonderful woman. Why? You tell a man what you want and give him a fair opportuinity. Sure you like sex, enjoy men, and demand that people meet their commitments... (sounds like a dream guys) but, you manage to be wonderful person as well.

3. While the sex with you is always great (many should learn!), I am happy to have you as an AdultFriendFinder friend. Sure... there is more to you than we may ever know, but I for one know the AdultFriendFinder community around here is better off as a result of your commitment and your strong ability to challenge the silly or ridiculous.

4. Life is what we make out of it. Knowing you, you will make much more from it. Here is to no fear!

5. It is OK to scratch right here... especially in that hot new red dress! AdultFriendFinder friends beware, the "lady in red" is here.

Time to play fun!

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