In Case YOu Missed my Articles  

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In Case YOu Missed my Articles

# 6

The lights and heavy metal music are low as I straddle you slowly as you sit on the sofa. As I kiss your lips, I slide a black leather collar around your neck and close the buckle. You are mine now. I unbutton my shirt, directing your attention to my breasts which you gratefully receive into your mouth. Oh, yes! “You have entirely too many clothes on baby” I breathe into his ear. I get up and we both begin a somewhat hurried strip. We won’t make it up the stairs to the bed. I wrap my self around you as we fall back onto your sofa. You are so pretty. With your mouth on my nipple, your hand seeks out my g-spot and you have me coming in seconds! You have to lean on me, using your weight to hold me down. Yes! I must have you! I tug urgently on your collar! “Come here, baby.” You slide your thick penis into me slowly. Aaaah! It feels so very, very good! Hold still as I grind against you forcing you even deeper into me. So wet and warm around you. The feeling when a man first enters you is exquisite. I take a moment to savor the feeling. With your lips against my neck, you can feel me purr beneath you. Slowly matching the beat shaking the foundation, I wrap my arms around your torso and begin riding you from the bottom. My skin flushes as I reach orgasm. Somehow you find another gear and throw me into an even more volcanic orgasm. I cry out and writhe vigorously even as you too cum. I think to myself as I nuzzle against your furry chest, Oh, yeah! I will keep you. “What was your name again, baby?”

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