Fourth Gear  

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2/17/2005 6:49 am

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Fourth Gear

Feb 2005 - Amazingly enough, one gets what one asks for. Slut #4 has been selected and he is almost exactly what I have been wanting. Gentlemen, we have ignition! Now I can 'settle' down into the humdrum life expected when one has 7 men in one's string.*counting on fingers* Yes, it is 7 men. But the one is only temp. Current issues include the friend w benes who is going in for a heart bypass and my daughter being very silly and wanting to run off and move in with this guy! She simply cannot take after me! Must get it from her father. Then there's my education which proceeds well. Yes, I am taking another course. For my profession you understand. If only I could draw clients as easily as I can draw men! Polo will soon be on so I will begin the guest list shortly. Anyone have a vintage Mercedes 190SL they'd like to trade for a vintage MGB?

rm_playing55 61M
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2/20/2005 3:08 pm

Interesting - but I'm wondering why I haven't had the opportunity to meet you - you are clearly needing someone who can make sure you get clients and the 190 SL....I just sold my '85 Targa and would love to go car shopping. If not, go to Leesburg and visit the car dealer (sorry can't remeber the name) down the street from the vintage movie house and Lightfoot's....they have a wonderful you there sometime?

rm_easydiver4u 58M
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3/7/2005 9:54 am

Excellent. I don't have a vintage 190, just a 68 911, a 65 XKE, an 00 Viper ( not exactly vintage, just GTS, no longer making that body as of 02, used to have a white 62 MGB, long gone, fun car. Why trading it ? When is start of polo ? Love the tailgate parties ! Do you do the point-to-point also ?
Tell us about the 'course' ? take photos and share. Have fun !

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