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How to do Groups/Orgies

Just a short splash of information for those thinking about trying this out.

Those trying to participate for the first time may have difficulties relaxing enough to enjoy themselves and others, this is not uncommon and should you require assistance always consult the host/hostess. There's usually no rush to these things and we can wait for you, give a massage, do some body worship, et al to help you along the way. You are among friends here. Couples really should split up and save eachother for last. If you happen to notice that a certain person likes something done in such a way, please repeat it when you get the chance. You can double up or even triple up should you find yourself so moved. If someone requires a break please offer to be their backup and take over for them. We want everyone to have as good a time as is possible and as frequently as they can but breaks are usually required here and there.

What the host/hostess is trying to achieve is a relaxed atmosphere of adult fun with compatible persons for as long as may be possible. Explorations and taking your time are strongly encouraged. There should be no rush, no fuss, and no mess. While it may be difficult to give/get blowjobs when people are making outrageous jokes, this is the sort of party where such difficulties are welcome.

Selecting the participants can be difficult. We know so very little about eachother. This is why the host/hostess begins with those he/she knows. From there they add to their guest list and seek out information about each person before inviting them. I and my partner in crime, being into groups and experienced, usally know just which women to invite and we have select reliable men we like to have with us but our main focus is upon meeting new people - we are social butterflies, perhaps. Well, she is at any rate - a very nice woman. You all know about me. So we ask for men to volunteer. From this list we hand select those men we consider most likely to be suitable with the emphasis being mainly focused upon personality and skill level. Just being 'attractive' , while it helps, will not necessarily get you in.

should you wish to try your hand at host/hostessing such a party, get your core participants lined up and consult witht hem as to date, time, and venue. Once you have decided these points and everyone's onboard, select your guests, get them invited and RSVP'd. Then set up the venue and you are good to go! Have fun!

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Just as a side note, I write "How to..." ebooks from time-to-time and sell them on eBay.

Would you like to collaborate on a "How to do Groups/Orgies" ebook?

The "field work" might be interesting.

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