A Compilation of Techniques  

kitz6 60F
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3/30/2006 7:08 am
A Compilation of Techniques

Someone I know is at his most attractive sitting adjacent to me in his dining room wearing his bathrobe half open afterwards. I can see his fur and his expression. Mmmmmmmmmeow! I have to go and straddle him, facing him, and kiss him. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Up along your arms, over your shoulders, sliding across your jaw and cheek, down your back, and over your thighs and rump finishing with the lightest of lingering kisses on your lips.

In the dark, I crouch above your prostrate naked body feeling your warmth. Feeling the texture of your skin beneath my cheek as I caress you with my lips, the top of my knee resting snuggly up against your testicles. Lick a spot and then breathe on it. How would it feel getting this close to me? Claws run slowly and lightly up along the side of your hip. There is no escape for you now. There is no rest for you now. Each orgasm you have will only make you more vulnerable for the next. You have no limits with me. My skin sliding along your skin and fur.My hands, lips and body reveling in yours. Hard, soft, pleasaure, pain its all there; in the dark.

but very few know of my vengeance and my dark bloodlusty passionate side where I wish to straddle your lap, ride you and make a ruin of your back while leaving teeth marks on your upper chest. Ah! Few have experienced that exaltation and only one has ever reveled in receiving my tender mercies. How he made my blood sing!

Hmmm, blindfold him and slowly caress him all over his body with hands and lips.

There’s a naked woman in your bed. I am sitting upright as you come and kneel behind me. You are to kiss and caress me until my skin burns hot to your touch, I become wet, my breath catches in my throat, and I flush pink Can you contain yourself? I turn to nuzzle in your fur loving your scent and the feel of your body against mine. Come to me, baby. Falling back, my juices all over your sheets as you slide inside. Fucking you is one long exquisite orgasm as the head of your penis rubs over my g spot. You feel so very, very good. In this light, your sweat makes your body glow. I wrap my legs around you and add my own motion to yours.

While no part of him is off limits to you, leaving his genitals for last and having him beg for them to be touched is the best method. You want him in such a frenzied state that he could explode but you must not allow him to reach orgasm yet.

Hear a warm and rich contralto voice purrrrr in your ear? Lie next to me and feel my hands exploring your body ever so slowly? Then laughter and nuzzling nipping as you try to protect yourself as I gleefully pounce upon you demanding 'the second half'? Rolling around naked on the bed together? Bear hugs? Sly licks up your spine? My breath gently falling on the back of your neck? Gentle, tingling kisses on your lips that transmit energy that would put a nuclear power plant to shame?

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