Whats in my pants?  

kittys4me2 53M
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8/20/2006 12:29 am

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8/22/2006 9:14 pm

Whats in my pants?

ANTS!!! I got ants in my pants.

I have been at the familys house here a few days,and i have been seeing ths trail of ants that are out front crossing the sidewalk.

These look like just those plain black small ants,and they tirelessly travel from one spot to the other.This has been going on for at least three days now.WOW if only we could get humans to be that dedicated.

As these ants traverse the sidewalk day and night along the same path that they have layed down with their pheremones so that all the other ants will follow the same trail...like a roadway.

I wonder about these dudes.They are the workers.They will never mate.They only get so far down into the tunnel and if the they stray any further,they are killed by what could very well be their brother.Ya see,the brother was born and raised as a guard to the queen and he will never get to see the outside world.

Now,when these ants travel the road the made,they encounter other ants who look exactly like all the other,so as they pass each other,they will touch antenae and transfer information.

So were the hell am i going with this?
ALL living things are part of a whole.Each individual is a smaller part of the larger unit,and all living beings need to communicate with each other.

It may be something as mundane as two ants telling each other who the other is and were the trail is.These guys do all that and more just by rubbing and reading the chemicals of the other.I doubt they struck up a detailed conversation.

We as humans can learn alot from ants.They don't tell lies.They dont act fake.They dont judge.

They will how ever craw up your shorts and nibble on your naughty pieces,but the blond sitting across from you at the bar won't.

kittys4me2 53M

8/20/2006 10:40 am

Oh you two get me so confused!(((((((( LOL )))))))))

In that case.....Jackie,you look like you could use a shave...hahaha

Human contact...Hmmmm? At this point i am just about willing to settle..hehehe.

I saw a Gal the other day that was a Poster Girl for Body Piercings are Us!!.This gal was full of holes filled with some BIG metal.

I thought....Hmmm? If i fill ALL my pockets with REAL STONG magnets....I can get her to hang all over me!!

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