Blast from the past......  

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4/9/2006 9:13 am

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Blast from the past......

I am still having trouble believing that it is real but it seems like my dreams have come true.... A dream I had given up on, a dream that I thought there was no chance of happening after all these years.

A little over a week ago my telephone rang... and who should be on the other end but an old girlfriend from high school (Ok, more than that this girl was my first love I loved her more than anything in this world and I was totaly devistated when she dumped me for another guy). Anyway I digress Michelle had seen me online (not this site) and had seen my recent divorce in the paper so she called to see if I might want to go out and catch up on old times.

Well we went out to dinner that night had a great time caught eachother up on our lives over the past 20 years... Turns out that she is going thru a divorce herself from the guy she had dumped me for back in high school Anyway she had suffered thru the last 8-10 yrs in that marriage till she had finally had enough (Lot of other details in here that I will not devulge).

Well long story short we are older now but that heart to heart connection is still there.... suprised the hell out of me I knew I had a special place in my heart for her but I had no idea what I had burried away until she came back into my life. We have a long way to go and to be truthfull we are not 100% sure that things will work out, after all 20 yrs is a long time and we have both changed, but you know how you just know something? Well that is how it is here... I just know that once all the hurdles are jumped and life issues worked out that I will have the one woman I have ever truly and completely loved back in my life.

I know I stand a chance of getting my heart crushed again, but I am no longer a teenager and am willing to take that chance for the oppertunity to have this wonderfull, amazing and beautifull woman back in my life.

I'll keep yall updated.

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