CoolsDamnaFlava 44F
598 posts
3/29/2006 3:27 pm

damn you all i am sorry i didnt realize so many of you come here to see if i say anything!! lol...

so um to say something....um i am at a loss for words lol!!!

um....i am very excited for the luau!! bbw sexual fun group is amazing if you havent joined yet you dont know what you are missing!! our parties rock!! and we have some damn good kissers in the group!! i could name a few but....what if i left someone out ...heehee sooo you need to come join our group get involved and come kiss for yourself!!

i have to say lately i have met some very hot young guys on here and damn they are making me so horny!! so all the young guys reading this...come to hunney she will lust over you!! and you older gentlemen you come as well lol!!

ok as you can tell i am rambling so i wont bore you any longer..


rm_AmyNGreg 47M/50F
73 posts
3/29/2006 6:08 pm

Your posts are fantastic!

Being an older gentleman, I'll just be happy to hang out with ya! Anything else is icing on an already incredibly wonderful cake!


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