disappointed but not surprised  

CoolsDamnaFlava 44F
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5/25/2006 11:20 am
disappointed but not surprised

i watched the finale of American Idol and of course Taylor Hicks won but it kinda seemed as though it was planned that way..like they had already chosen him to win...and dont get me wrong Taylor is a good performer..was he the best?? no i dont believe so...and i honestly think they got chris off there so that he wouldnt mess with taylor winning ...cause from what i hear chris was the choice to win...anyways...Kat was an absolute cutie who can sing with so much energy i think she did better than Taylor in their final preformances but who am i but one lil soul...anyways...i was disappointed but not surprised!

but now i have to find something to watch on tuesday and wednesday! blah!!!


rm_rebelat43 55M

5/31/2006 9:30 am

OK I'll bite. There was something definately fishy about Chris' early exit. One thing to consider, this pretty much frees him up contractually to persue other more lucrative avenues and he really needs to have a band behind him (Fuel, possibly) when he's onstage. As for Taylor and Kat, not that ot matters, but there have already benn two white gals win this thing, and Taylor is the first white guy. I'm not sure how Kat will do recording. If she were smart, she'd head for Broadway. That way she has her whole package to offer, her beauty, musical, and acting talent can be put to use. Personally, Elliot was my fav, but I'm a jazz and blues guy, and I can see that his style doesn't fit as well in the pop realm. I bet you'll hear his stuff on more adult contemporary stations like the Breeze 97.9 etc.

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