an encounter  

CoolsDamnaFlava 44F
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5/8/2006 10:24 pm
an encounter

laying in the dark room resting queitly the dark figure slinking into the room unnoticed walking up to the bed watching me lay there rubbing his hand over his hardening cock..finally feeling the heavy stare on me i turn to look and i do he moves as fast as a cat grasping my hands lifting them over my head as his body straddles over mine his other hand clasped against my a low husky hiss...i hear the words..."dont speak"...he removes the hand from my mouth..i swallow and rewet my lips weighing the options of what a scream might eyes trying to focus in the darkness but alas all i can make out is a dark figure over me...i start to feel his free hand starting to roam over my body...his fingers stroking over my breasts thru the sheer night gown he squeezes my breast and i whimper..realizing my whimper is a nervous almost excited one...i mumble "please don" interupted by a "QUEIT!" and his grip tightens on my wrists...knowing he means it i lay there with out a his fingers trails from my breasts over my tummy stroking slowly down i feel his fingers trace over the waits band of my panties..he whispers.."you have teased me way too long"...his fingers curling around the thin material and tuggin til it gives way ripping off me...a nervous whimpr escapes my lips....and i can feel his eyes dart back up to my face as he watches me...i now wonder who he mind racing...'i have teased him' knowing i can be a flirt i start to wonder who i have led on to this point..i relax a bit knowing i must know him...but feeling my body being aroused by his forcefulness because its not something i am use to..i am in control i hold the reins during a sexual encounter i rarely let myself move to the submissive side but this is really turning me on...i struggle just a bit to feel him grasp my wrists..when he does i feel myself moan...then i feel his finger tips stroke over my mound...sliding his fingers between my lips..resisting the urge to arch my hips to meet his strokes allowing him to do as he chooses...spreading my lips and running a finger teasingly over my clit i can hear his breathing increasing as he feels the wetness...trying to keep his voice low.."oh you are enjoying this you are very wet"..he slips his fingers into my cunt and starts to probe in and out as he leans in and presses his lips to mine...unable to holdback any longer i start to kiss back as my hips meet his long strokes...i hear him groan into the kiss.."your teasing me again"...hearing the groan i know who it is...and i let myself fall prey to his hunt..his fingers fucking my moist pussy repeatedly his mouth over mine as our tongue dance together twisting tasting each his deep voice he whispers.."i am going to fuck you".....


AmyNGreg 47M/49F
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5/8/2006 10:42 pm

Wow... Don't tell him you know who he is! He'll kill you!

Ok.. Maybe not... But still... You're livin dangerous!

I think we all have a fantasy...

But you can't the willing, so I think mine will stay a fantasy!


Tequila_princess 43F
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5/9/2006 10:05 am

I think forcefulness would be good lol...


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Baloo4u2 49M
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5/10/2006 1:25 am


Love the scenario but always worried about going too far...

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