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3/25/2006 6:07 am

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on injured reserves...

Happy Saturday! Don't let the cheery greeting fool you, I'm feeling quite drained and lazy this morning. I'm having my "monthly woman thing" (putting it politely) going on so that's always quite draining...no pun intented. Besides that, it's rainy and cold outside so none of these things is doing much for my mood or libido, which is kinda why I haven't blogged in a couple of days. In the days leading up to the start of my menstural cycle I've got all this sexual energy in my mind and body, I'm dreaming about sex, spending a lot more time online, watching porn and masturbating like there's no tomorrow! Then, I get my period and it's like someone walks up to the sex switch in my brain and just flips it off and that's it....for up to a week, I have absolutely no interest in sex whatsoever, not even to talk about the subject, sometimes even get irritated when approached sexually by someone. Any other female readers out there go through anything like that? Or am I the only oddball....

That being said, I'd like to make an observation that I haven't decided whether it's truly a pet peeve or just a by-product of being so hormonal right now, so guys please don't hold it against me. Profile pics.....the photos on this website I find to be so fascinating, so artistic and so mundane all at the same time. You can almost tell what kind of personalities some people have before you even read their profiles just by looking at the photos they use in an effort to stand out or define themselves. Such a gathering of random body parts in varying shapes, sizes, colors, textures. Someone with a more artistic nature than mine should try making some kind of collage or montage out of all the images here, I think that would be an amazing work of adult art.

But I digress...my peeve with the images is that it seems that many of the female photos and images possess such creavitity, color (not only in the varying skin tones, but also those of whatever lingerie or other outfit we're wearing) and are so captivating; while many of the pics from our dear male members looks like a who's who of dick pics. After a few minutes of browsing profiles and getting various emails, I almost feel like I'm in a police station looking at mug shots, but instead of faces, they're all penises! Dicks curled up, dicks curled down, fat dicks, skinny dicks, big heads, little heads, circumsized, uncircumsized, ultra hairy, trimmed just right....my head is spinning at this point!

I don't want to sound "anti-dick" because nothing pleases me more after I've had an explosive orgasm from having my pussy eaten just perfect than to have it immediately followed up by a nice, long thick cock thrusting inside me. However, I guess what would intice me to the male profiles even more when I'm browsing would be know about what you can do with your "throbbing member" rather than to see a picture of it. Maybe that's the pent-up Southern Belle in me talking, the part of my persona that blushes at the notion of such things....yeah, let's blame it on that...lol

The concept of the dick pic does make me wonder however if there's really some sort of unique relationship that a man shares with his penis that women don't quite understand or can relate to? I mean, since the first day of being potty-trained men have had a visual and hands-on interaction with his penis daily. They're taught how to aim it at the little man in the toilet bowl when they pee, how not to get it caught in their zipper when dressing, then later how to protect it from an STD or getting someone pregnant, how to make it erect, keep it erect longer, then be concerned when it can't get erect on it's own anymore without the help of a little blue pill. Many men even go so far as to give it a name at some point in thier lives!

It almost sounds like there's literally another person/entity attached to each man... and every 'person' should have a nice photograph of 'himself' to show off, right? \

Well, that's my rant....again, if I came off as overly abrasive, blame the cramps and influx of hormones. I'll be back to my still contemplative, philosophical and sex-starved self in a couple more days and back to browsing all those wonderfully diverse pics!!

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3/25/2006 7:22 am

Nice post Kitti

Hope you have a great weekend (or best as can be expected at least), C

(What the fuck is this shit..?? *rolls eyes*)

3/25/2006 8:17 am

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