Have you been naughty?  

kitten8300 41F
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9/21/2005 12:54 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Have you been naughty?

I'm a voyeur who gets off on hearing about your experiences. I'd love to hear in detail about your latest 1 on 1, threesome or group sexual encounter. Don't leave out all the wonderful details....

kitten8300 41F

9/21/2005 1:10 pm

by details i mean sensory - how it felt, how it looked, how it tasted.... don't be shy

kitten8300 41F

9/21/2005 3:22 pm

I just had one of best orgasms of my life! Seriously, I think I have mastered the art of masturbation. It seems that I am my own best lover. My best friend's name is Pinky and he is a 9" pink hummingbird vibrator. I think I'm in love with him. What can I say? He brings out the best in me...ha ha.

NickRules999 39M
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9/21/2005 4:19 pm

I haven't had any recent experiences. I can tell you about my first time. Here's a link to that post: This girl once asked me about my first time..

Come into my realm! You aren't afraid...are you?

kitten8300 41F

9/21/2005 5:01 pm

MMmmm thanks Nick for sharing your dirty details. I love to hear about those crazy fun experiences...

kitten8300 41F

9/22/2005 10:38 am

I'm so sad no one is entertaining me with their raunchiness. Don't you guys understand? It's what floats my boat, I want to hear about the slippery pussies and hard cocks in detail. I like raunch, what can I say. You'll earn brownie points by posting a message here and get first priority for a response email since I have over 200 to sort through. Pretty please? With cream and sugar on top? Mmm cream and sugar

homergman2005 50M
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9/22/2005 11:06 am

My recent experience went like this...went to my local hangout in Aurora and met up with a gal I have known for a while. We both talk for a while over a few drinks and we start to talk about our sex lives. Between the drinks and the conversation, we both get turned on and very horny. She moves closer to me at the table and I start to stroke her thigh, gently brushing up against her pussy. Everytime I did she would try to move her hips into my hand. She then starts to massage my cock through my jeans and I ask, "do you want to home and finish what we've started?" With a kiss and a grad of my cock, I didn't need to hear anything else. We got to my house and no sooner did I have my door open she was ripping my clothes off. She then pulled off her dress, showing me her 38C breasts and her shaved pussy. I kissed her all over, sucking and nibbling on her luscious tits and massaging her bare clit. She then goes down on her knees and starts to kiss and swallow my hard cock whole. We don't even get 10 feet into my living room when we are lying on the floor, entering her slow and deep. We roll over and she is riding me faster and faster, she has 2 orgasms and then I cum deep inside of her, but she doesn't stop. I stay hard for another hour and a half, fucking on the couch, on the floor, on the kitchen table and in bed before she finally says no more. She came at least 5 times and I came twice, the second time in her ass.

Kitten, we would love to hear about some of your sexual exploits too.

kitten8300 41F

9/22/2005 2:23 pm

Ok after that one I can share with you one of my naughtiest nights. I went to a local bar with some friends of mine one night. My friend Jen had 2 friends visiting from out of town, Nathan and Darren. I could tell from the second I met them that they were fellow sex addicts... We took 2 cars and went to this bar and it was ladies night - free drinks for the ladies, so I figure they would be watered down and weak. Well I was entirely wrong and now I'm just a pint sized gal, so it doesn't take me much to get a little buzzed normally (or more than normal in this case). Anyways, when I get tipsy, I get frisky and very friendly. So I go over to the boys that were out with us tonight and start flirting heavily. I go up to the bar and squeeze in between the bar and the boys, leaning over to give the bartender my order and to give the boys a nice little rub across their cocks with my ass as I squeeze in and lean over. I'm still leaning up on the bar and turn my head to see what they were up to. Well I could tell they were conspiring to fuck me. They both had a huge grin on their faces and Nathan says to me. "you are so sexy you little tease". I reply "now I may be a flirt, but I'm not a tease" and winked at both of them. By this point I could see how hard they both were through their pants. I took my drink and went out onto the dancefloor. They followed me and Darren faced me while Nathan got behind me. We were dancing and making out on the dancefloor all four of their hands felt so good over my body. I could feel both of their cocks swollen hard pressed up against me. Nathan reached around front and slid his hand up my skirt, pulling my tiny thong aside to get to my slippery wet pussy.... he started twirling around my clit while I was staring at Darren's eyes smiling and iviting him to help out as well. He slid his hand up there and slid 2 fingers into me while Nathan worked on my clit. I came in a matter of 30-45 seconds right there on the dancefloor. I told the guys I was ready to go home and the three of us left in Nathan's truck with him driving. Darren had me sit on his lap facing him as Nathan pulled out of the parking lot. He slid his cock into me and I started to ride him on the bench seat of the truck cab. Nathan leaned over at the stop light and licked my clit with Darren inside of me. I was moaning like crazy (I'm extremely vocal). He couldn't take any more and had to pull the car over for his turn. He pulled me off of Darren and started to fuck me doggy style hard while I leaned over and sucked my juices off of Darren. All three of us came at almost exactly the same time, me first then Nathan pulled out and sprayed my ass with his hot cum and Darren all over my tits. All my girlfriends asked me later where I had disappeared to. It was our little secret.

rocketman80301 51M

9/23/2005 8:28 am

Mmmmmm....I look up at you with a grin on my face but a look of intense longing in my eyes. You lick the last of me off your lips then reach up to share a deep, passionate kiss. I put the SUV in gear and continue driving, the whole time I am gently stroking your thighs and arms but never really touching you. I know this gentle massaging is making you taught with longing and I can smell the musky scent of your desire.

You think I am taking you home with me, instead I turn down a narrow dirt path which winds around itself until it stops in a beautiful mountain clearing. I gently lift you out of the SUV then grab a soft wool blanket which I spread out on a gradual slope. As the sun gently caresses us I take you in my arms in an intensely erotic embrace. My kisses alone make you wet with desire and you find yourself panting with anticipation.
As I knead the flesh of your ass you slowly begin to unbutton your blouse. With a look of rapt attention on my face you peel away your blouse to expose your pert breasts encased in black lace. I gently slide your skirt over your hips and thighs and grin at the red thong underwear underneath. They are damp with your desire.

As I gently tug and pull away your underclothes, you stand there in your naked glory. You don't know where my stroking and caressing hands end and the sun begins, but you do know that you am burning up with longing! You lay on the blanket and slowly open your legs to me. I am pleased at your clean shaven pussy and can see that you am slick with desire. When I gently part your outer lips I see that your clit is hard and swollen and I blow on it softly. This sends a shudder through your body but causes your pussy to expand. As I continue my gentle blowing you reach up and begin to softly, sweetly, caress your breasts. Your nipples are distended and aching to be squeezed and, as you oblige them, you feel the first tantalizing stroke of my tongue.

It is nearly enough to send you over the edge, but I have so much more in store for you that you willfully hold on to your control. My tongue begins it's assault on your pussy alternately slashing across my clit then gently sucking it. Time and again I bring me to the brink of an orgasm only to sooth you back down. As my mouth continues it's amazing torture, you feel me slide a thick finger inside of you, then two, then three. The stroke of my fingers, accompanied by the stroke of my tongue feels amazing.

But, to my delight, there was more for you. That thick finger, that had moments before been stroking your pussy, now probed at the opening of your ass. The lubrication that it received from your cunt allowed a quick entry to your anus. After a few moments of my tantalizing mouth stroking your clit and my thick finger stroking your ass you are rocked by an incredible orgasm that brings you almost completely off the blanket.

When you can form a coherent thought, you open your eyes to see me smiling at you, while I frantically tear at my clothes. Smiling back, you realize that I am hard again. Mmmmmmm, you can't wait to have my thick cock inside. Greedily you reach for my erection..............

kitten8300 41F

9/23/2005 2:26 pm

All I can say is wow - that urned me on like a faucet! That was very sexy, I loved the descriptie detail. Me-ow! Form coherent thoughts? What? I'm a little distracted thinking about that... but you didn't finish the story sweetheart...

splcouple 46M/40F

9/23/2005 8:47 pm

Are first public fuck, My wife and I went to a sold out movie Bram Stoker's Dracula and there was no seats. We had to seat on the floor. So we were sitting there and people were walking past us and I could not see the movie that well. So I put a jacket over my wifes legs and pulled off her g-string, I then started to rub her clit as people walked by to get popcorn I guess. I kept pulling my fingers out and licking them and kissing her deeply. I made her cum so hard that she she had to get fucked so she pulled my cock out and started to suck it a little, then she crawled on top and fucked me for about an hour. we were in the back by the doors but she and I did not care.

I have a couple of other good ones that are more up to date if you want to know.

splcouple 46M/40F

9/23/2005 8:54 pm

Are first public fuck,
My wife and I went to a sold out movie Bram Stoker's Dracula and there was no seats. We had to seat on the floor. So we were sitting there and people were walking past us and I could not see the movie that well.
So I put a jacket over my wifes legs and pulled off her g-string, I then started to rub her clit as people walked by to get popcorn I guess. I kept pulling my fingers out and licking them and kissing her deeply. I love the smell of fresh juices, I can't get enought. The taste of sweet bit pussy, umm I love it. any way I made her cum so hard that she had to get fucked so she pulled my cock out and started to suck it a little, then she crawled on top and fucked me untill I cumedand then she put her fingers in her pussy while my dick was in there and she started to rub the head untill she was dripping out on the floor around my cock. she then pulled her fingers out coveredin are juices and made me lick it clean, she did that a couple of times then she started to rub it all over my face and cheast. She then started to lick it off of me and that was the first time we did it in a public place.
I have a couple of other good ones that are more up to date if you want to know.

Deep_In_Dreams 36M
1 post
9/24/2005 12:48 am

Well being as there has been a lacking of pussies in my life latley I will tell you about what I did the other day when I was feeling very horny. Ive done this many times before and have a rather steady hand,but this time was unique. I like to shave my cock from time to time because it get me off to play with myself like this sometimes. Well I used a brand new razor blade as one would naturlly do in such a delicate operation such as this. and I was all alone in a hotel room late at night, I had a couple of drinks earlier in the evening..which in the end was not the wisest considering what It would lead me to do as the night came to a close to which I knew I would suffer. The super ragind hard on that would not let me leave it alone, as you well know how the raging hard dick simply craves so much attention. moving on with my story, I proceeded to shave myself bald with the intention of driving it crazy then leting it explode with such lucidness in fantacy as it was craving hot wet pussy. I was on the last part of cleaning myself bare..the best part which a save for last, my balls. when a most unsteady twitch and a quiver so my hand cut true and so clean a small slice in my tender plump sack. And that is when the real horror came to be of that a gushing red blood, which I knew would not stop. and finally when after a bitter long fight, id covered the walls, the sink and the tub. It was a very intence and humilitating experiance, so my lessone to those of a kinky intent, its better to help with pleasing your cock than doing it yourself

col975 49M  
326 posts
10/24/2005 5:27 pm

My most interesting public sex act happened a couple of years ago. I was at this party and they had a hot tub going. I was already feeling no pain so I said what the fuck and got in. I was by myself except for this one lady sitting on the edge. I kept on asking her to get in the tub and she kept on denying me. All of a sudden she got in the tub with me and grabbed my hand to start rubbing her pussy. I could feel her stickyness under the water and another item. She had her clit pierced. This got me so excited I rubbed her harder and harder while her hips grinded into my hand. She was moaning and groaning with the other party attendees watching. She came with a loud groan and it was so fucking great. I was unable at that time to fuck her becuase of the drinking and the heat of the tub. I did find out at the party later she was married and I was very concerened. I also found out they were swingers and she wanted to show me her clit ring in person. I scheduled a meeting at my apartment for a afternoon. She came over and we had some small talk and she asked if I wanted to see. We went to a light and I looked at the piercing up close, moving the lips around the shaved pussy to get a great view. I then put my tougne on that clit got it hard (easy with the piercing). I made her cum that way and then we went to the bedroom where I fucked her in various positions. All I have to say is that I love clit piercings

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