Wam bam smack down a scam....keeping Britain tidy  

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2/2/2006 1:26 pm

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Wam bam smack down a scam....keeping Britain tidy

OK I'm getting my soapbox out for a bit of a rant.
I've been trying to search the blogs for lady bloggers in the Midlands UK. All I can find is a small handful of postings from guys.
Is it true or am I missing something??
If you know better please let me know.

OK, soapbox time.

I am sick and tired of seeing adverts in the form of cards, posters and stuff through the letterbox. The adverts are always the same sort of thing.

"Excuse the unusual approach......
yada yada yada......
earn so much per hour/week/month working from home.
call....usually an 0121 (BirminghaM UK) or 0845 (National) number for a pack.
They often end with a bit about also operating in Holland and Germany???? WTF??

It is a con....the idea is that suckers....usually students already with large student loans, spend money on a pack of advertising that they post around town to encourage others to waste their money in similar fashion.

Every day I walk around my local town doing my best to keep the area free of this rubbish.

(1) Tearing down posters at traffic lights....however high they are stuck.
(2) Removing cards from cars in carparks.
(3) Removing cards from traffic lights
(4) Removing little posters stuck in phone boxes, on the back of road signs etc.
(5) Removing cards left in phone booths.
(6) Removing cards left in bush shelters and at ATM's

Now cards advertising legitimate businesses I don't mind, nightclubs, prostitutes and accountants....I leave them be.

Perhaps I could spend my lunch hours better but it keeps the country tidy and helps keep the weight down.

How many do I clear a day?
It varies....average 200-500 cards and 10-30 posters. I've been doing this daily for about 3 years

Don't ever give up searching for the fun in life.

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