The relentless sunshine  

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6/8/2006 11:47 am

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The relentless sunshine

Wow it's so hot.
I drove to work today, trying to keep out of the sun because I still haven't got a sunscreen that doesn't bring me out in a rash.
Still got a dose of sunshine though. ten minutes before the end of my shift we were evacuated by the fire alarms.
Turns out one of the prats in the company of wolves that share our office block triggered the fire alarm so they could go home early.
However since it wasn't a fire drill my colleagues and I evacuated and had to stand in the burning sunshine for nearly an hour before we were allowed back in for our bags etc.
Now I'm extra sore and red.
However the day was a pretty one with lots of women sporting sexy crop tops, bared toned midriff, clevage etc etc etc. Hmmmm
Sainsibury's car park near by had some woomen sunbathing in bikini tops....bootiful.

I tried a strange drink today that was made with Green tea and artichokes.....and a few other things. Yuk.....believe me you could taste the artichoke.

Don't ever give up searching for the fun in life.

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